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Irrigating cotton.

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1 Irrigating cotton

2 Cable tow irrigation reel

3 Irrigation pump

4 Overhead irrigation: mobile system:
Irrigating bare soil using centre pivot

5 Overhead irrigation: pivot point

6 Set sprinkler: Sprinkler irrigation in Northern California

7 Rows of set sprinklers in cotton crop

8 Main line lateral line Overhead irrigation, set sprinkler: Portable pipes (pipes do not move whilst irrigating). Moveable pipe irrigation lines in California, USA

9 Moveable pipe irrigation lines, watering bare soil

10 Underground pipeline about to be laid Location: Oakville, California, USA

11 Moon buggy mobile irrigation pumps Location: Northern California

12 Surface Irrigation methods

13 Irrigation bund in cotton crop in California

14 for slides of rice paddys



17 Use of siphon tubes to deliver water to furrows (or borders).
Note the different water levels of the main ditch, and tubes in the background

18 Irrigation Siphon in head ditch

19 Dry irrigation head ditch

20 Furrow irrigation. Note the water coverage of the entire furrow, and the
broken earthen bund (foreground) that permits water to enter.

21 Release of water from gated pipe, for furrow irrigation of maize

22 Drainage from end of furrow
Drainage from end of furrow. Note the wetting front along the dry soil of the furrow; low water flow from furrow into drain; and the use of mulch to minimise evaporative losses.

23 Example of microirrigation. Arrow indicates emittor.
Note wetted soil only around plant.

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