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© University of Reading Huw Wright - IT Services Vista Deployment.

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1 © University of Reading Huw Wright - IT Services Vista Deployment

2 Contents Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) Deployment with AIK Windows Deployment Service (Windows DS) SMS 2003/SCCM with OSDFP (Operating System Deployment Feature Pack) Microsoft Deployment toolkit (formerly BDD) Important Settings

3 AIK Includes tools necessary for image creation and deployment: –WinPE tools – customize winpe boot cds –Imagex.exe – create, modify and apply.wim images –Windows System Image Manager - create custom answer file for Windows setup and sysprep –Sysprep documentation Currently on version 1.1 with added support for Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008

4 Vista Deployment with AIK 1Build an answer file with Windows SIM on Technicians PC 2Create a master image on clean reference PC: 1Install Vista from DVD with the answer file on USB flash or floppy drive 2Check all settings were applied and make any additional changes then run sysprep to generalize and shutdown the system 3Create a WinPE cd using PE tools and boot 4Use imagex to capture the c: contents and copy the resulting.wim file to a network location

5 Vista Deployment with AIK 3Deploy the image: -Boot from WinPE cd on target pc -Use diskpart to partition the HDD and format the partion -Mount the network location and copy the.wim image to c:\ -Apply image with imagex You can use the User State Migration Tool (USMT) to copy user settings and documents the target PC is not new You can also add a second answer file when applying image for further customization.

6 Windows Deployment Service Replaced for RIS, however can be run in Mixed Mode Centrally manage wim images Image build and customization similar to using imagex except using its own utility to capture and apply image PXE boot to menu of images Windows Server 2008 version supports multicasting images Can be used in conjunction with SMS OSD

7 SMS 2003/SCCM with OSDFP Customizable, centralized, and scalable way to create and deploy Windows operating system images Images captured/installed by its own wizard (winpe cd) Similar to SMS application Packaging, so packages are customizable with wizards and scripting –notifications, distribution settings, and network settings USMT integrated in install wizard Deployment highly customizable due to SMS task based system Good reporting

8 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 Updated version of BDD 2007 with additions Useful bits: –Deployment Workbench Can work in conjunction with Windows DS and/or SMS OSD Uses a database to store client, image and configuration details on a central server –Zero Touch and Light Touch Deployment tools Scripts that customizes everything from partition sizes to application installation at end of install Needs SMS/SCCM –Extensive documentation on deploying of Vista, XP and Office

9 Settings DNS: and uncheck change suffix on domain membership change – otherwise KMS activation will fail Firewall Settings: –Sophos \\vidist\sophospackages\SophosVistaFirewallSettings.cmd \\vidist\sophospackages –SMS –ICMP – to enable ping Local Multiple Group Policies –Gpedit.msc you get non-administrator GPO –Administrator GPO –User specific GPO

10 What ITS will be using? Pretty much a mixture of all methods. Primarily using SMS/SCCM for deployment, as we have been deploying Windows XP lab and staff desktop images for the past couple of years

11 Links Just Search Microsoft site for following keywords: –Vista Deployment –AIK make sure you download version 1.1 –SMS OSD –SCCM –MDT 2008 Upcoming TechNet Deployment Event: Windows Vista and Office 2007 - Why and how? 6 th May

12 Questions?

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