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AGEnet Workshop 7 th April 2003 Cybernetics and Rehabilitation Medicine.

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1 AGEnet Workshop 7 th April 2003 Cybernetics and Rehabilitation Medicine

2 Agenda Lunch AGEnet Update Workshop Networking

3 What is AGEnet? AGEnet –18 Months old Aims –raising the profile of issues and current research relating to ageing and disability –developing opportunities for networking –leading to more research, educational and outreach activities University Network –for staff –for friends of the University

4 AGEnet Organisation Verity Smith - AGEnet Coordinator –2 days/week - Professor Peter Lansley - Director – Steering Committee Dr Judi Ellis (Ch) Psychology Professor Jan Keane Health and Social Care Dr Anne-Marie Minhane Nutrition Dr Peter Kyberd Systems Engineering Dr Hannah Prior Research and Enterprise Services

5 AGEnet Activities Workshops, Briefings Web site - –Data Base of Interests –Research Opportunity Watch Links to Other Networks –within and outside the University – especially the EQUAL Network Publicity, Displays relating to Ageing research Promotion of Universitys research and capability –to visitors –at national and international meetings

6 Dates for your Diary Next AGEnet event Something Different – Growing old in Ancient times Next EQUAL Event – Integrated approaches to the development, selection and supply of Assistive Technologies for older and disabled people – June 25 th, Preston We will e-mail you details Contact Verity Smith – -

7 Proceedings of AGEnet and EQUAL Can be found on the relevant web sites Usually available a few days after the workshops In the form of Power Point or PDF (Acrobat) files A host of information on the web sites

8 Research Opportunities ESRC, BBSRC, EPSRC –gearing up for their next Ageing Research Initiatives MRC, NCAR, DoH, OST, DTI –also becoming more active Invitation from Minister for Science and Technology Please let Verity or Peter know if you would like more information or a discussion about opportunities

9 New AGEnet Website Designed by Darren Booy - –Researcher –Department of Computer Science, School of Systems Engineering Fully Accessible!

10 Cybernetics and Rehabilitation Medicine Dr William Harwin, Dr Peter Kyberd, Professor Brian Andrews

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