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Fit for Life Lesson#8 Grades 3&4

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1 Fit for Life Lesson#8 Grades 3&4

2 Peer Pressure What is peer pressure?
Peer pressure is when you feel influenced by your peers (could be your classmates, friends, team mates etc.) to change your attitudes and values to feel a part of a group. It is hard to resist peer pressure because everyone want to feel like they have friends and belong within their peers.

3 Examples of Peer Pressure
Whatever, I lie to my parents all the time! Studying for exams is for losers! I am sure your parents won’t mind if you are late for curfew. Can I copy your homework? Come on, lets skip class. Everyone hates math.

4 How to deal with peer pressure
Being the only saying “no” to peer pressure can be difficult. Being confident in what you believe in and value can help you say no to situations that you know are wrong. Having good friends that you know will also say no with you can also help in situations where you feel pressured. Stick together with peers who have similar values.

5 Peer pressure as we get older
As we grow into young adults some of us may experience pressure to do things like smoke, drink alcohol, skip class or shoplift. It is important to realize why we should not do these things.

6 Smoking Stinks! Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that we would never think to put in our bodies! Cigarettes also contain a drug called “nicotine” that makes them highly addictive. That is why people continue to smoke and find it difficult to quit.

7 Smoking Stinks! Not only do cigarettes contain all these toxic substances, they are also very unhealthy for your body. REASONS NOT TO SMOKE Bad breath Stained teeth and hands Cough/sore throat Problems breathing Feeling tired and out of breath Wrinkles (more, sooner) Arguments with parents, friends Cancer risk Heart disease risk Gum disease risk Bad smell in your clothes, hair, skin Cigarette burns in your car or on your clothes Risk of secondhand smoke to people around you “No thank you!”

8 Effects of Smoking on the Body

9 Why should we not start smoking?
Let other kids know! Design a t-shirt that tells other kids why we should not start smoking. Your t-shirt can be informing other students about the effects of smoking, how to say no to smoking, things that are in cigarettes etc.

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