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Anglický jazyk Food and drinks Mgr. O. Slobodníková.

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1 Anglický jazyk Food and drinks Mgr. O. Slobodníková

2 Food and drinks Vocabulary English money Prices Countable or uncountable ? Containers of food Conversation Right answers

3 Vocabulary bread cheese lemonade crisps ham eggs peanuts fruit cola carrots butter salt tomatoes sandwiches fish coffee milk sausages chips tea onion pepper wine water

4 English money

5 Write these prices example: £ 2.25 – two pounds twenty – five (pence)

6 Correct answers 30p – thirty p ( thirty pence) 24p – twenty -four p 66p – sixty - six p 35p – thirty - five p 97p – ninety - seven p 47p – forty- seven p £1.50 – one pound fifty (pence) 55p – fifty - five p £1.35 – one pound thirty - five (pence)

7 Countable and uncountable nouns

8 C or U in the boxes Write C or U in the boxes

9 Correct answers Countable tomatoes sandwiches sausages chips eggs crisps peanuts Uncountable fruit bread cola fish lemonade tea coffee cheese ham milk

10 Putt the bubbles in the correct order to make a conversation

11 Correct answers We need some peanuts. How many packets? Three I think. How much are they? They´re 20p a packet. OK. Three packets of peanuts.

12 Containers of food  A PACKET of peanats (2 packets) of crisps  A LOAF of bread (2 loves)  A TIN of ham (2 tins) of peas of fruit  A POUND of cheese (2 pounds)  A BOTTLE of lemonade (2 bottles) of milk  A DOZEN eggs (There is no –s )

13 Make similar conversation We need some cola. How many bottles? Two I think. How much is it? It´s £ 5.28. OK. Two bottles of cola.

14 Thanks for your attention

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