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1 Water Services to Schools and Clinics Programme 20 June 2007 Presentation to Select Committee on Education and Recreation By DWAF.

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1 1 Water Services to Schools and Clinics Programme 20 June 2007 Presentation to Select Committee on Education and Recreation By DWAF

2 Outline Background Schools Water Services Backlogs Guiding Principles Roles and Responsibilities –National Offices –Provincial/Regional Offices –Governance Structure Integration with Existing programmes Action Plan Performance Framework Challenges Way Forward

3 Background National Targets: Strategic Framework for Water Services (2003) as approved by Cabinet sets delivery targets for water and sanitation to  Households:  All South Africans have access to adequate water by 2008  All South Africans have access to adequate sanitation by 2010  Institutional:  All Clinics have adequate water and sanitation by 2007  All Schools have adequate water and sanitation by 2005

4 Background Treasury has made available R950 million for Electricity, Water and Sanitation backlog eradication in schools and clinics It has been agreed with DME that 70% of this R950m is for water and sanitation backlog eradication, which amounts to R665m. −R105m in 2007/8, −R210m in 2008/9, −R350m in 2009/10 DWAF to implement the program on behalf of DoE and DoH.

5 5 Schools Water Services Backlogs (Un-audited) Provinces Schools no Water Schools No Sanitation Schools Inadequate sanitation Eastern Cape 1,147 987 4,627 Free State 304 240 1,592 Gauteng - - 281 KwaZulu- Natal 181 6 3,922 Limpopo 714 596 3,248 Mpumalanga 106 140 756 North West 122 213 1,653 Northern Cape - - 257 Western Cape - - 141 Grand Total 2,574 2,182 16,477 Unchanged, prior to database handover by NDoE

6 Guiding Principles Framework on utilization of funds developed and adopted by DoE, DME, DWAF, and DoH Collaboration between national and provincial departments in the implementation of the program Integrate school programme with existing school infrastructure programme Framework for allocation –Priority 1: Schools without water services infrastructure –Priority 2:Schools with inadequate water services Infrastructure 2007/8 allocation to be utilized for water services backlogs in clinics to meet the December 2007 target Remaining 2007/8 budget will be utilized in some schools without water services infrastructure (estimated to 5% of water services backlog)

7 Roles and Responsibilities: National Offices National Treasury (NT) Provide funds and monitor expenditure DWAF National Offices Administer water services budget Provide Macro Planning support Monitor Implementation and expenditure Establish national steering committee and support provincial governing structures Coordinate Sector Reporting DPLG, DME, Salga Steering committee members Provide strategic guidance and ensure integration with water service programme National Departments of Education and Health Confirm and supply needs to DWAF national office Strategic Oversight Provincial Coordination Reporting on existing programmes

8 Roles and Responsibilities :Provincial / Regional Offices Provincial Departments of Education and Health Confirm and supply needs data to their National Offices Monitor Implementation Provide Strategic guidance through established Provincial Steering committees DWAF Regional Offices Regional Programme Management Appointment and Management of Implementing Agents Monitor implementation Sector reporting to DWAF national and relevant provincial structures

9 Roles and Responsibilities: Governance Structure

10 Integration of Water Services to Schools programme with Existing initiatives Acknowledgement of existing Provincial infrastructure programs Integrate the DWAF led water services to provincial infrastructure delivery programmes Report progress on integrated school programme DWAF provide strategic guidance to existing Provincial infrastructure programme

11 Action Plan Implementation framework for schools developed and submitted to Minister of Education in February 2007 by national DoE Confirmation of backlogs by national and provincial departments of Education underway : due end June 2007 Identification of schools needing immediate intervention : Mid July 2007 Determine of technology options and design accordingly : end July Allocation of budget to provinces through DWAF regional offices: mid July 2007 Finalization of Implementing agents appointments: August 2007 Programme management Identification of existing implementation agents with capacity to deliver : June 2007

12 12 Performance Framework MilestoneTargetConformance Regional Programme Manager appointed 2007/04/01 All Appointed Governing structure or equivalent in place 2007/05/01 All Identified Implementation structure defined (all IA or equivalent Term contract or PSP appointments initiated) 2007/04/15 All appointed Detailed Provincial Project Plan in place, based on DoE and DoH backlogs 2007/05/31 In process All bulk infrastructure in place; dependencies of projects defined 2007/09/01 Most prerequisites established First water supply delivered 2007/10/15 Expected Last water supply delivered 2009/12/31 First toilet delivered (Priority1) 2007/10/15 Expected Last toilet delivered (Priority 1) 2009/12/31 Project complete (Priority 1&2 except for retention) 2009/12/31

13 Challenges The MTEF identified budget is inadequate to address the existing needs The Physical condition of existing infrastructure increases the backlog as many fall under inadequate water services Demand for waterborne sanitation system

14 Way Forward Determination of new target date for water services to Schools by Ministers of Water Affairs and Forestry and Education Integration of DWAF Led programme with existing infrastructure delivery programmes Finalization of provincial implementation plans Finalization of Implementing Agents appointments by DWAF

15 Thank you

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