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Drugs Why take drugs, if they harm us? I Hope I don’t get caught for Using drugs, it has really helped Me, but im feeling a bit iffy.

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2 Drugs Why take drugs, if they harm us? I Hope I don’t get caught for Using drugs, it has really helped Me, but im feeling a bit iffy

3 Introduction to drugs  What are drugs? A drug is any substance that affects your body and changes the way you feel. There are three groups of drugs- recreational drugs, medicinal, and illegal drugs. Why start to use drugs? Excitement Poor self-image Adventure Peer influence Poor decision- making skills

4 Introduction carried on Limited life chances Boredom or curiosity Anger, hurt or rejection Inaccurate information about their effects Peer pressure There are four main ways in which drugs are taken: Form in pill or liquid Sniffing Powder through nose Smoking Injecting a drug directly into a vein

5 Legal or illegal?  Legal drugs include medicines, but the term usually refers to drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. These drugs affect the way a person feels but are not illegal for adults. Tea, coffee and coke are legal drugs too. Illegal drugs such as cannabis, heroin, Ecstasy and LSD are illegal.

6 The Different types of drugs There are different kinds of drugs recreational drugs, medicinal, and Illegal drugs. Recreational drugs Recreational drugs are drugs that are used in spare time i.e. alcohol, cigarettes etc. Medicinal drugs Medicinal drugs are drugs that are prescribed to you by your doctor or are available from chemists. For example when you have a headache you might be prescribed or take Paracetamol. Illegal drugs Illegal drugs are obviously drugs that are illegal. For example cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, resin. Getting caught taking these drugs could result in a fine or you could even go to prison, depends what class the drug is.

7 Table RecreationalMedicinalIllegal AlcoholParacetamolCannabis CigarettesAspirinCocaine CaffeineAntihypertensive (used for high blood pressure) Ecstasy

8 The Effects Effects of Heroin: life becomes depressing after taking heroin, it is also starts to down the body, that’s why they call it “downers” they make people relaxed and alert, also it helps you from getting to sleep. The effects of heroin also relates on how much you take. Effects of Ecstasy + Cocaine: after taking an ecstasy tablet users often feel a combination of feeling energetic but calm. Colour sound and emotions can seem more intense, as well as an increased heart rate. In some cases, the jaw tightens, and the mouth and throat becomes dry, as the users become to sweat more. Also taking and ecstasy tablet is a serious risk of dehydrating and over heating. The uses of an ecstasy table can also lead to brain damage. Effects of Cannabis: cannabis causes light headedness, new and usual mental connections, short term memory loss. Loss of precision skills and many more. It also helps you to be calm and relaxed. Effects of LSD : also has dramatic effects on the senses. Colours, smells, sounds, and other sensations. It also causes you to lose control.

9 What is peer pressure?  Peer pressure is when somebody is stressed and is having a ruff time. It means when people like friendship groups are forcing you to do something such as your friends might be smoking they might ask you to smoke as well, they could force you to do it, by threatening you or hurting you. This situation is very difficult to avoid because if you don’t do it your friends will think wrong about you, and it could lead to bullying.  The easiest excuse you can use to get out of this situation, is you have to go home and walk away. It may not be as easy as it seems because they may follow you and drag you to do it. If this situation happens try to go to a public place so people will be able to help you.

10 How to help fight peer pressure?  Don’t make friends with people who take drugs or even deal them.  Go home early and don’t stick around school for long.  Walk home with a decent friend who is not involved in any trouble.  You can ask your parents to drop you and pick you up to and from school.  If you do get involved with people who take drugs, don’t hang around with them when they are taking them.  Talk to someone who is understanding such as your parents, friends or even talk to child line on 0800 1111.

11 Quick Quiz  Try these quick questions and answer true of false hope you enjoy it!!  You can die instantly from spraying lighter gas directly into your mouth.  True Or False  Taking anabolic steroids can help you grow properly  True Or False  Some people take amphetamines because it makes them feel make calm and drowsy  True Or False  Heroin is called a stimulant because it speeds up the body  True Or False  If you take an E tablet and then dance for a long time, it will make your temperature go up  True Or False

12 Credits  This PowerPoint presentation has been produced by Anis Parkar 9LD, the help of Christopher Brimble and Angel Dragonov Thank you for watching my show hope you enjoyed it and learnt something!!!

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