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St. Anthony’s High School, Faisal Town

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1 St. Anthony’s High School, Faisal Town
Orientation (2015 – 2016)

2 Curriculum

3 Syllabus The syllabus is mainly divided into two terms:
First Term & Second/Final Term

4 First Term (9th March to Sept. 2015) Second Term (Oct.2015 to Feb. 2016)

5 There are two sets of assessments
A and B in First Term D and E in Final Term

6 Assessments English Written Urdu Written Math Written Science Written
Social Studies Written (class 3 onwards) Computer Oral/written Religion Oral/written Art Practical /written

7 The First Term includes Syllabus A,B,C on which Mid-Term Exam is taken
Examinations The First Term includes Syllabus A,B,C on which Mid-Term Exam is taken The Second Term includes Syllabus D,E,F on which Final-Term Exam is taken

8 Note: Missed written assessment test will not be taken again.
First Term Final Term Syll. A Marks Syll. B Total Syll. D Syll. E 2Marks Urdu 25 50 English Math Science S.St. Religion Combined 50 marks At the end of Syll. B At the end of Syll. E Art Computer At the end of Syll. Note: Missed written assessment test will not be taken again.

9 Marks Scheme for Terminal Exams
Terminal Examination D (Dictation) R (Reading) W (Writing) O (Poem) P (Paper) A (Assessment) T (Total) Sup. English 20 10 100 50 200 Urdu Science 150 Math Social Studies Computer Islamiat Catechism Art Total

10 Grading Scheme Grade Remarks % A Excellent 91-100 B Very Good 81-90
C Good D Average E Satisfactory 51-60 F Failed FF Ungraded 0-40

11 Retest Retests shall be taken on Mid- Term and Final Term Exams, of the subjects in which the child has not got the minimum required marks

12 Discipline All the rules and regulations of the school must be followed within and outside the classroom

13 Commendations on good behavior shall be awarded for following the below given rules & instructions, whereas Warning letters shall be issued on unacceptable conduct, for not following the : Break time rules Classroom rules Counselling sessions’ instructions Speaking only in English rule Politeness periods teachings etc.

14 Class Improvement Program (CIP)
The responsibilities of this department include outlining better syllabi, more comprehensive assessments and exams, better classroom management, hence better quality of work done in the school.

15 Homework Policy To make children more comfortable with learning, particular days are assigned to different subjects for giving homework except Mathematics homework which is given daily for the sake of practice

16 Subjects Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday English Reading and any other Reading, paragraph/dictation words Reading, dictation words, Urdu Reading, dictation words Reading, paragraph Mathematics Science S. Studies Computer Religion Nazra + verses Note: This is a suggested policy for the teachers, however they may give any other homework depending on the nature of subject.

17 SMS Alerts Parents must remain in touch of every SMS alert sent to them, and if their contact number is changed, must inform the school authorities in earnest about the new number on which they can be contacted.

18 Club Activities This academic year the school has inaugurated various clubs Every student shall join 2 of them according to his/her aptitude Art & Craft Club Health Awareness Club English Speech Club Urdu Speech Club

19 Contact School Website

20 Notifications Syllabuses Additional teaching materials Taleem Portal (result of assessments and exams) Time tables Classroom rules links etc

21 Contact School through

22 School diary School telephone Appointments only

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