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Scottish Health Survey (SHeS): Update on developments Health Survey Users Meeting 8 th July 2008.

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1 Scottish Health Survey (SHeS): Update on developments Health Survey Users Meeting 8 th July 2008

2 Background to the survey Scottish Health Survey review 2008 – 2011 Surveys Sample Stage 1 interviewer visit Stage 2 nurse visit 2008 data and report Scottish Health Survey Covering today…

3 Background to the survey Previous Surveys: 1995, 1998 and 2003 Funder: Scottish Office then Scottish Executive Health Department Focus: CVD and related risk factors Carried out by: NatCen in collaboration with Dept of Epidemiology and Public Health (UCL). MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit joined collaboration in 2003 Scottish Health Survey

4 Review Recommendations Continuous survey Core and modular structure Scotland level results annually NHS Board results by amalgamating years together Unclustered sample NHS Boards able to purchase boosts to enhance their samples Scottish Health Survey

5 About the Scottish Health Survey 2008-11 Funders: Scottish Government and NHS Health Scotland Our collaborators: University College London (Joint Health Surveys Unit) MRC SPHSU at Glasgow University. ScotCen & collaborators awarded contract to carry out the 2008-2011 surveys Scottish Health Survey

6 The sample Scottish Health Survey

7 Population and sample frame Population: General population survey – covers all Scotland except for islands with small populations. Age 0+ Sample frame: Post Office Address File (PAF) - list of all residential addresses in Scotland Private households only

8 Key features of the sample Sample of households, not just individuals Around 40,000 addresses sampled over 4 years. Sample is clustered in any one year but unclustered over four. 3 sample types: Core Child boost Health Board boost

9 Sample sizes Sample sizes take into account: Predicted response rate Healthboard SIMD15 area Provides estimates at: Scotland level (annually) Health board level (every 4 years) SIMD15 areas (every 4 years) Children at the Scotland level (annually) Nurse measurements Scotland level (annually)

10 c7000 addresses in 2008 All adults (16+) and up to 2 children (0-15) in household eligible 2008 target = 6400 adults Sub-sample of addresses identified for stage 2 nurse visit Core sample

11 Child Boost sample Scottish Health Survey Screening sample 2301 CB addresses in 2008 Up to 2 children (aged 0-15) eligible No stage 2 nurse visit Target for children - Core + Child Boost = c2000 children

12 Health Board Boost sample Scottish Health Survey Fife, Grampian and Borders Health Boards Adults (16+) only Stage 1 interviewer visit only Core questions only (no modules)

13 Nurse visit 1859 addresses Core sample 6945 addresses in 2008 Scottish Health Survey No Nurse visit for adults 5086 addresses Sub-sample of core addresses only Adults (16+) interviewed in stage 1 2008 Target = 1100 adult nurse visits No child nurse visits

14 The stage 1 interview Scottish Health Survey

15 New questions on… COPD Dental health services Mental well-being Discrimination & harassment Social capital Stress at work Caring

16 Structure of stage 1 interview Household questionnaire Individual questionnaire (2 variants) Height & weight measurements Self-completions Consents

17 Household questionnairecontent Household composition Household Reference Person (HRP) occupation details Household income Home ownership Car ownership Smoking in the home Eating together

18 Individual questionnaire Version A = Core questions + Scottish Government module Version B = Core questions + NHS Health Scotland module (Knowledge Attitudes and Motivations to health (KAM)

19 Individual questionnaire - core questions General health CVD and use of services Physical activity (all) Eating habits (children) Fruit & Veg consumption Smoking & Drinking Dental health Socio-economic classification Parental socio-economic classification & health Self-completions Heights and weights

20 Core version A Core version B Household questionnaire General health including caring (0+) Respiratory & CVD symptoms (16+)- General CVD (16+) and use of services (0+) Asthma (0+)- Physical activity adults (16+) and children (2-15) TV viewing & outdoor activity adults (16+) and children (2-15) - Eating habits children (2-15) Eating habits adults (16+)- Fruit and veg consumption (2+) Smoking and Drinking (16+) [16-19 in a self completion] Dental health (16+) Economic activity and education (16+) Physical activity at work (16+)- Ethnicity, religion and family health background (16+) Height (2+) and Weight (0+) - Attitudes to Health (16+) - 1 adult per household Scottish Health Survey Questionnaire content

21 Version A – Scottish Government module content 2009 Dental services Accidents Social capital Discrimination Stress at work 2008 Respiratory and CVD symptoms Asthma Screen time Place of physical activity Eating habits (16+) Physical activity at work

22 Version B - Knowledge, attitudes and motivations to health (KAM) module Funded by NHS Health Scotland Previously the Health Education Population survey (HEPS) Core Strand B only Only asked of one adult (16+) per household selected at random Covers attitudes to health and knowledge of health messages Physical activity Fruit and vegetable consumption Drinking CASI Self-completion Questions on sexual health Scottish Health Survey

23 Consents 2 written consents: 1.Consent to link to Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Health Records 2.Scottish Government follow-up research

24 Stage 2 Nurse visit Scottish Health Survey


26 Blood samples in 2008 Total & HDL cholesterol Glycated haemoglobin Fibrinogen C-reactive protein

27 Questions Questions Scottish Health Survey

28 Contact us on…

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