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EFS Diary of spending

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1 EFS Diary of spending

2 The Survey Part of the CPS – similar to other ONS household surveys CAPI cannot collect good data on all purchases Need ongoing, convenient method respondents can fill out as they go

3 The Diary A record of every item purchased by diary holder over a two week period High level of detail collected, especially for food

4 Food on the Diary What When Where How much At what price

5 What it looks like Food & drink brought home Takeaway meals eaten at home Meals & drinks consumed away from home. Clothing & footware Misc purchases Winnings

6 The childrens diary The youth diary is kept very simple What did you buy today?How much did you pay?Where did you buy it? And for food and drink only Where did you eat/drink it? (home / elsewhere)

7 Coding The diary is coded by a team in Titchfield Missing data, where possible, is found by going back to the interviewer / respondent or on the internet The coding frame is updated by DEFRA and ONS Prices division as needed (up to monthly) Shop coding frame is updated annually

8 Some Strengths Comprehensive Detailed Large sample – soon to be unclustered

9 Some Limitations Only measures expenditure – not consumption High respondent burden Requires time for coding

10 Questions?

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