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Consultation on the IC Survey Programme - outcome.

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1 Consultation on the IC Survey Programme - outcome

2 Background… Inherited programme from DH Annual Health Survey for England Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use in children Sponsorship of GHS Sponsorship of ONS Omnibus Range of infrequent surveys including infant feeding survey (published 2007) and adult psychiatric morbidity survey (due for publication late 2008)

3 … Opportunities, including Exploiting linkage with administrative records including GP and hospital records starting to come on stream Focussing more outwards and adding local applications to national policy needs

4 … Financial pressures

5 Consultation In early 2008 Open to all to respond Document on website and alerts to known users Uses, priorities, views Key issues IC roles HSE 2009? HSE 2010 onwards

6 Response 51 responses Department of Health (composite) Academic (20) Charity or Service (10) NHS (16) Other Govt Depts and Bodies (4)

7 Key messages to the IC Value of survey data to respondents Particularly the HSE but also others Eg HSE 5 th most used data in data archive 890 users, 240 organisations, 2600 requests over the last 12 months HSE 2009 is needed Almost unanimous view Particularly smoking and obesity Value of continuous series

8 … IC roles Strategic – strong support Standards – moderate support Advice- moderate support Commissioning for others – strong support Commissioning and funding – strong support

9 2010 and onwards Large range of interests and needs No overwhelming priorities All topics generated support


11 … Preference for scale over detail Geographical need reflected position in the universe No clear view on the trade off between frequency, geographical detail and depth of questioning

12 Preferred Geographical Coverage NationalRegionalLocal Academic983 NHS2410 Gov Dept/Other 653

13 Most important dimension

14 Other points Useful feedback giving design ideas Strong lobbying for dental survey Difficulties in prioritising

15 IC response… HSE 2009 will go ahead with a limited sample and a core survey Scope to add funded boosts but not to develop new questions Adult dental health survey to go ahead in 2009, with funding from DH

16 … Design and priorities comments to be fed in to work we are doing with contractors on the design of the survey for 2010 onwards Reflecting on views on the IC role

17 Current position and next steps Summary of consultation responses now on the IC website at Update on IC position in late July HSE 2009 commissioned Procurement of 2010 Health and Social Care Survey to begin in September Virtual user forum established (email to be added)

18 Current position and next steps Procurement for Survey of Informal Carers in Households in 2008/09 has commenced. First Project Board meetings and procurement for Adult Dental Health Survey in 2009 has commenced Both surveys are externally funded, but commissioned and managed by the IC

19 Reflection A useful exercise in building up knowledge of customers and their views A challenge given the complexity of the area A reinforcement that the surveys are used and valued A source of ideas Not a good method of establishing priorities

20 HSE Bloodbank Project The NHS Information Centre would like to invite applications from researchers who would like to use the blood samples taken as part of the Health Survey for England in their work. Its free*, there are 100,000 samples and our contractor can do the analysis on your behalf More information on how to apply at * provided by our contractors at cost.


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