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ESRC Research Methods programme Consultation meeting on Training requirements.

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1 ESRC Research Methods programme Consultation meeting on Training requirements

2 What courses or resources are available? A quick pilot study to identify short courses listed on the web reveals are considerable range: Pilot database set up that holds basic information – and web links – to 129 courses in research methods Is this a useful resource? How should it be developed?

3 What do the social science community need? On-line survey to ask basic information: Over 200 replies from research students, academics, non-academics asked what courses were needed what level, what mode of delivery, who pays?, need for follow-up, need for credit-rating


5 Respondents by status

6 Responses to type of course needed

7 Breakdown of courses needed

8 Mode of delivery

9 Level of courses required

10 Follow up after course

11 Funding available

12 Location of course

13 What are the areas most needed? Courses database holds little on research design Little on planning and managing fieldwork Nothing on computer assisted interviewing Are these some of the areas where there is demand but little supply? What are the disciplinary differences in requirements? Also need to ensure cutting edge methods being taught

14 For whom and at what level? Training to help meet requirements for 1+3 training? Additional, specific training for graduate students? Training for researchers? Training for trainers/lecturers? Basic, entry-level? State of the art?

15 How is training best provided? face-to-face short courses – demanding on lecturers time – specific dates and times not always convenient – expensive But –provides good interaction – specific focussed time – access to experts

16 How is training best provided? Mixture of participants: from government, academia, business Brings interesting questions/interaction Need to build on common interests in building sound methodological base

17 How is training best provided?: On-line training materials – expensive to prepare – one-off cost – but is up-dating needed? –Available where and when needed –Saves travel costs – but – looses opportunities for interaction – looses specific focussed time – looses access to experts

18 What funding models? Funds to enhance existing courses? Training accounts to be spent on existing courses? Funds to develop new courses? Funds to develop on-line materials or convert course material to on-line? An Archive of training materials? Funds to pay peripatetic trainers? Training that is combined with research activities?

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