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THIS IS 100 200 300 400 500 Chp. 15a Chp. 15b Chp. 15cChp. 16a Chp. 16b Leaders.

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3 100 200 300 400 500 Chp. 15a Chp. 15b Chp. 15cChp. 16a Chp. 16b Leaders

4 This called for armed resistance against the white South African government after the arrest of their leader, Nelson Mandela, in 1962 A 100

5 The African National Congress A 100

6 This promoted democracy and economic growth in Africa A 200

7 African Union (AU) A 200

8 The economies of Africa have suffered because they are forced to import this from more advanced nations A 300

9 Technology A 300

10 He was a South African Bishop who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 A 400

11 Desmond Tutu A 400

12 He was president of Tanzania and represented African leaders who promoted Pan- Africanism A 500

13 Julius Nyerere A 500

14 The UN divided Palestine into these two states in 1948 B 100

15 A Jewish and Arab state B 100

16 The United Arab Republic formed a union between these two states B 200

17 Egypt and Syria B 200

18 This Muslim leader opposed the Shah of Iran because he felt the shah promoted a culture of greed and materialism B 300

19 Ayatollah Khomeini B 300

20 This African country was the first to gain independence from British rule B 400

21 Ghana B 400

22 How many people live in sub- Saharan Africa with the virus that causes AIDS B 500

23 25 Million people B 500

24 In Modern African culture, tension is characterized between these two things C 100

25 Traditional ways and Modern Western Culture C 100

26 Israel, Great Britain, France and Egypt were involved in this war in 1956 C 200

27 The Suez War C 200

28 Tensions between Iraq and Iran are fueled by this C 300

29 Disputes over territory C 300


31 He ruled Uganda with oppression and repression C 400

32 Idi Aman C 400

33 The Egyptian leader assassinated for his role in the Camp David Accords C 500

34 Anwar el-Sadat C 500

35 This detailed Mao’s plans to create a proletarian culture D 100

36 The Little Red Book D 100

37 This was the boundary line between North and South Korea D 200

38 The 38 th parallel D 200

39 In the 70s, China improves relations with this nation after China faced security threat from the Soviet Union D 300

40 The U.S. D 300

41 The republic of Indonesia was formerly a colony of this nation D 400

42 The Netherlands D 400

43 South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong are called this because they imitate Japan in creating successful industrial societies D 500

44 The Asian Tigers D 500

45 Mao Zedong believed that China could achieve this only by creating an ongoing atmosphere of revolution E 100

46 Classless society E 100

47 The demonstration of students who sought the resignation of Communist party leaders took place here E 200

48 Tiananmen Square E 200

49 E 300 At the end of WWII, India’s population was divided between which two groups, causing the country to be divided into two separate countries

50 Hindu and Muslim E 300

51 In the Philippines, she followed Ferdinand Marcos into office, after he was accused of killing her husband E 400

52 Corazon Aquino E 400

53 The first Prime Minister of India E 500

54 Jawaharlal Nehru E 500

55 He wrote the Little Red Book and was the leader of Communist China F 100

56 Mao Zedong F 100

57 He was the leader of the Vietminh and the Vietcong F 200

58 Ho Chi Minh F 200

59 Chinese leader of the Four Modernizations F 300

60 Deng Xiaoping F 300

61 He was the Communist leader in Cambodia responsible for the deaths of more than 3 million people F 400

62 Pol Pot F 400

63 He was the leader of Nationalist movement in China F 500

64 Chiang Kai-Shek F 500

65 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Asian Leaders Click on screen to begin

66 He is the South Korean leader who brought prosperity to his country Click on screen to continue

67 Chung Hee Park Click on screen to continue

68 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Study Hard! Relax and Enjoy the 4-Day Weekend. Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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