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Famous People Have you ever read this book? Who is the writer?

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2 Famous People



5 Have you ever read this book? Who is the writer?

6 Pre-reading T or F 1.Hemingway was the son of a teacher. 2.He left home and went to college. 3.He got a job as a reporter on the Kansas City Star. 4.His famous writing style was simple, direct, and objective. 5.In 1914 he became a soldier. 6.In 1918 he was wounded. 7.In 1926 his novel A Farewell to Arms appeared. 8.He won the Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man and the Sea. 9.He killed himself. 10.He received the Nobel Prize for literature. F F T T F T F T T T

7 Reading What happened in the following years? In 1899 In 1914 In 1918 During the early 1920s In 1926’ During the 1930s When the Second World War began In 1952 In 1961 He was born in Oak Park, Illinois. He served as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. He was wounded. He lived in Paris and……. His novel The Sun Also Rises appeared. He continued to write short stories and … He returned to Europe as a report. He wrote a short novel The Old Man and the Sea. He killed himself.


9 Post-reading 1.Hemingway’s father was a doctor who_______ A once worked in Europe B loved outdoor life C died when Hemingway was still young 2.Hemingway left home after he graduated from_____ A high school B primary school C college 3. Hemingway went to Europe____during World War I. A once B twice C three times 4. Some of Hemingway’s best novels appeared in the_____. A 1950s B 1930s C 1920s 5. During World War II Hemingway worked in Europe as __. A a reporter B an ambulance driver C a writer 6. Hemingway killed himself when he was ____years old. A 60 B 61 C 62 B A B C A C

10 Resume Name:__________ Sex:(female/male)________ Year of birth: __________ Place of birth: __________ Nationality: __________ Education: Work: Major publications: Awards: Hobbies: Ernest Miller Hemingway Male 1899 Oak Park, Illinois American High school A reporter for the Kansas City Star A Red Cross ambulance driver A reporter for the the Toronto Star The Sun Also Rises A farewell to Arms The Old Man and the Sea The Pulitzer Prize The Nobel Prize for Literature Bullfighting and hunting

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