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Research Project 2014 - 15 English IV Non-Profit Organization (Argue a Position/Persuasive)

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1 Research Project 2014 - 15 English IV Non-Profit Organization (Argue a Position/Persuasive)

2 Code of Conduct: Montwood High School/College Expectations Cheating Paraphrasing Plagiarism

3 Research Project Student Expectations Student/Parent Letter Follow-up/Grading

4 Requirements for Graduation English I, II, III, IV Welcome to English IV and the Research Project which successfully leads to Graduation!

5 MLA Format - MLA Handbook, 6 th or 7 th Editions Diana Hacker Hacker, Diana. A Writer’s Reference, 6 th Ed. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007. Print. Online: (MLA Format)

6 MLA Format MLA Heading: Student’s Name Instructors Name Course title Date Joe Boxer Mrs. Patterson English IV Period __ 15 October 2014 Dates for MLA are written in this order: day, month, and year

7 MLA Format – Margins, Spacing, & Page Numbers Margins: 1inch top/bottom, right/left side margins Spacing: Double space from beginning to end Page Numbers: Header/Footer/Page # Positioned at top right with student’s Last Name and the page number, for example: Boxer 2

8 MLA Format – Title and Font Title of Paper: Immediately follows the Heading and is centered (no bold letters, no underlining, or italics) Font: Times New Roman, 12

9 MLA Format - Layout First Page – Introduction Thesis – Main idea of your paper, should clearly state the intent for your research project. Thesis Activity/Proposal – Write one or two sentences that clearly state the objective of your research project.

10 Synthesizing Informational Text Research and Writing are a Process Use Library - Data Bases On-line Web page for your Non-profit organization.

11 Thesis Statement In one or two sentences, tell the reader what your paper is about. For a Thesis: remember you need to include three ideas, reasons, topics, aspects—or whatever the essay calls for. This essay will discuss the benefits of the Humane Society of El Paso, Texas and specifically how they provide shelter, adoptions, and maintain a “no-kill” policy.

12 Introduction Paragraph Format Grab the Reader’s Attention Write a sentence or two leading to the topic of your essay that will grab the readers attention. It can be a philosophical sentence, a rhetorical question, or an educated observation.

13 Define the Topic In a statement or two, define the topic State the main services provided by your non-profit organization Remain unbiased –just state what the results of your research

14 Statement of Emotion Write a statement that has some type of feeling in it. For example…Everyday irresponsible pet owners are abandoning, abusing, or failing to care for their pets needs.

15 Proper Citation of Articles Always mention the full name of the author and the article’s title the first time you introduce the article—then refer to the author only using their last name. Connect each article to the focus and make certain you explain how this fits into your thesis.

16 MLA Format – In-text Citations Quotes Introduction to quotes/Leads into Quotes exceeding 4 lines or more Explaining the Quotes

17 Proper Explanation of Quotes Begin with a Topic Sentence Lead into your Quote… The narrator stated “Life is fragile like a flower” (21). Use two sentences to explain the quote (two comments) Concluding sentence for the quote

18 Example of Quote exceeding 4 lines:

19 Inquiry & Synthesis Through Research

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