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Bellringer: EOCT Review Questions

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1 Bellringer: EOCT Review Questions

2 c. Describe reform movements, specifically temperance, abolitionism, and public school.

3 Temperance Movement A movement aimed at limiting the consumption of alcohol: supported heavily by women Alcohol abuse became widespread during the early 1800s Pushed for laws to prohibit the sale of liquor

4 Abolitionist Movement
A movement whose goal it was to end slavery The movement was tied to the Second Great Awakening which focused on sin and repentance, with slavery being one of the country’s greatest sins In the 1830s William Lloyd Garrison became one of the country’s leading abolitionists, publishing the newspaper the Liberator

5 Abolitionist Movement
Fredrick Douglas, a former slave from Maryland, published the abolitionist newspaper the North Star Sojourner Truth a former slave from NY, gave pro-abolitionist speeches

6 Educational Reform Horace Mann, from Massachusetts, began a movement pushing for government funded schools and teacher training Helped pass the 1st mandatory school attendance law in 1852 Believed that citizens must be educated in order for the nation to survive and prosper

7 Women’s Reform Elizabeth Cady Stanton helped organized the first women’s rights movement, called the Seneca Falls Conference Susan B. Anthony leader in the Abolitionist and Women’s rights movement Women stressed the need for Suffrage (having the right to vote)

8 Questions??? 1. Why did Americans want to move west? What effect did this have on the people who were already there? 2. What was the purpose of the Temperance Movement? 3. What was the purpose of the Abolitionist Movement? 4. Who was a main leader in Educational Reform? What did he do? 5. Where did the Mormons move to and why? 6. What is Suffrage?

9 Guess That REFORMER!

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