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Mrs. Fungo Language Arts and Social Studies. My Background B.A. Political Science – UCLA Master of Education - UCLA.

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1 Mrs. Fungo Language Arts and Social Studies

2 My Background B.A. Political Science – UCLA Master of Education - UCLA

3 8 years at Los Alamitos High School - English, history and humanities 1 year at Franklin High School – English (Time home with my children) 2 years as sub in LCUSD Second year at LCE Teaching Experience

4 8:10 – 10:05 Period 1 10:05 – 10:25Recess 10:25 – 12:30 Period 2 12:30 – 1:15 Lunch 1:20 – 1:50 PE 1:50 – 2:50 Homeroom, Music, Art, Drama 6th Grade Daily Schedule

5 6 th Grade MusicalMay 19 st Mountasia (students only)May 25 th 6 th grade Farewell Lunch May 26 th 12:30 6 th grade Memory Ceremony May 26 th 1:30 Last Day of School May 27th 6 th Grade End-of-Year Activities


7 Classwork/Note Organization Students have a spiral language arts notebook and a social studies notebook throughout the year. They will record notes in their notebooks and glue in handouts. My lecture notes are on my website, so if they are absent, or if they miss part of the notes in class, they have access to them. The notebooks are part of their classwork grade. I will check them a few times a quarter to make sure they are complete, and they will receive a grade based on completion. Office Hours : Wednesdays before school, lunch, and after school or by appointment Homework : 30 – 45 minutes a night language arts and social studies + 20 minutes independent reading Homework/Classwork : Graded on completion only. Homework assigned on Monday for the week. Classwork/Note Organization : Spiral notebooks for each subject. All notes and handouts will be in notebooks. These are interactive notebooks. General Class Information

8 What needs to come to class every day… language arts notebook social studies notebook homework folder pencil box (with all necessary supplies) AR/ independent reading book core literature book

9 What stays home… Graded Work Folder (please keep all graded work until you receive a report card) Once the social studies textbook goes home – it will stay home until the end of the school year Index cards (for homework only)

10 Interactive Notebooks Students have one spiral notebook for language arts and one for social studies The right side is for information – lecture notes, reading notes, handouts, directions for assignments. (All class handouts will be glued into the notebooks.) The left side is for the student to process the information.

11 Report Cards 3 language arts grades Reading Writing Language 1 social studies grade

12 Homework and classwork: 50% Tests, quizzes, and projects : 50%  Core Literature – unit tests and related writing  Reading Comprehension Quizzes  Independent Reading Book/AR Reading

13 AR/Independent Reading Weekly homework assignments to connect the literature lessons to their AR book AR quiz Either a book review or literary discussion circle packet if they are in a book club

14 Writing Homework/Classwork: 50% Writing: 50% Writers’ Workshop – every Tuesday and Thursday Revision is a major focus – students will have the opportunity to revise writing for a better grade. Mentor texts used to model writing - “read as writer” Grammar integrated into writing

15 Writing Student will complete the following types of writing: 1st quarter: Narrative 2 nd quarter: Informational 3 rd quarter: Informational/ Research 4 th quarter: Persuasive

16 Homework/Classwork: 50% Tests/Quizzes: 50% I alternate weeks for vocab/spelling and grammar Weekly homework assignments Tests on Fridays Language

17 Social Studies Homework and classwork: 50% Tests, quizzes, writing, and projects: 50% Writing and reading comprehension (informational text) is integrated into social studies Note taking from a text is taught

18 My goal for your students this year is for each of them to leave elementary school strong writers, critical thinkers, and advocates for themselves. I will continue to press them to take responsibility for their own learning, and to do what it takes to do their best.

19 The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. Robert Maynard Hutchins

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