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Stay in touch Phone: 314-415-5306 be my buddy come visit:

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1 Stay in touch Phone: 314-415-5306 Email: be my buddy come visit:

2 Handbook No planner this year. Families receive in advisory. Students and parents MUST READ TOGETHER, SIGN AND RETURN. All school rules. By signing the handbook, we know you have read and are aware of school policy.

3 Supply list – keep replenished Lock Sturdy 3 inch three-ring binder Pencil pouch that fits in binder Hand held pencil sharpener 10 plastic tab dividers with pockets or accordian pouch 3 composition notebooks (1 science, 2 CA) Loose leaf paper 4 spiral notebooks (math, social studies, CA) 1 two pocket folder 3 highlighters 5 glue sticks 10 black or blue pens 48 #2 pencils Scissors Colored pencils Standard/metric ruler for use at home Calculator for use at home Two boxes of tissue (or rolls of paper towels) Flash drive Planner (optional)

4 Outdoor School Important Dates for the Explorers August 12 - Sixth Grade Open House – OS Payment letter September 16 – 50% down payment due ($140.00) December 21 – Full payment due ($280.00) February 28 – SWM Outdoor School Parent Meeting – Camp Packets March 15 – All forms are due April 30 – May 4, 2012 - Explorers to Camp Lakewood

5 Welcome to 6 th grade Science Mrs. Cerutti Please ask questions!

6 What you, the parent, can do! 1. Check Homework: sheets, reading pages from the book, reviewing what is in notebook, studying for assessments 2. Check composition science notebook and talk about what was discussed each day. Ask your child to quiz you! Check the table of contents and information on the corresponding pages. 3. Check homework hotline or team website often with and without your child’s presence. 4. Help them be successful during this transition time. They still need your guidance. 5. Develop a workable system so everyone knows the homework.

7 Units Earth’s Waters Earth’s Changing Surface Chemical Building Blocks From Bacteria to Plants Environmental Science

8 Who is Mrs. Cerutti? 9 th year at SWM, loves science curriculum 19 th year teaching Stream Team Coordinator 3 children who went through Parkway: Wren Hollow, SWM and South High Live in the neighborhood Lives to hike, walk my dog, and go to Outdoor School Married for 33 years, Tim is Central High softball coach

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