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Characteristics Wheel

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1 Characteristics Wheel

2 Entrepreneurs An entrepreneur is someone who is able to identify opportunities and act on them No two entrepreneurs are exactly alike, yet they may share common traits These characteristics can be learned with practice


4 SELF-CONFIDENT Successful entrepreneurs are realistic about what they can accomplish They believe in themselves and in their ability to succeed. They set attainable goals and approach them with confidence.

5 PERCEPTIVE Entrepreneurs are intuitive. They know what is going on. They are able to identify problems as they arise and find creative solutions.

6 HARD-WORKING Entrepreneurs work long and hard to achieve success.
A successful entrepreneur needs the stamina that comes from good physical and mental health. To maintain energy, entrepreneurs must carefully balance their commitment to work with their commitment to other aspects of their lives, such as family and friends.

7 MOTIVATED Entrepreneurs are driven by an internal need for accomplishment. They will actively seek opportunities for success, both at work and elsewhere.

8 RESOURCEFUL Entrepreneurs explore, ask questions, and generally use all their resources to find ways to achieve their goals. They often develop a broad network of associates who can help them find ways to overcome obstacles in their paths.

9 ABLE TO MANAGE RISK Entrepreneurs view risk as a challenge to be overcome. They calculate and measure it and look for ways to gain control over the outcome. Entrepreneurs will take a risk if it is a calculated one—where the chances for success are greater than the chances for failure. They are willing to take on a certain degree of risk because of the potential rewards involved in being agents of change.

10 CREATIVE Entrepreneurs look at the world in new and different ways.
They enjoy challenges and feel comfortable with ambiguity. They do not sit and wait for things to happen. Instead, entrepreneurs take charge of shaping the world around them in a way that benefits them and others.

11 GOAL-ORIENTED Entrepreneurs work determinedly toward goals they have set for themselves. Once their initial goals are achieved, they set new goals and begin the process again. Personal satisfaction and the need for accomplishment give them momentum as they continue to move forward.

12 OPTIMISTIC Entrepreneurs have a positive mental attitude.
Minor setbacks or roadblocks do not discourage them. They believe they can touch the future and are enthusiastic about what it holds.

13 FLEXIBLE Entrepreneurs are able to adjust to the changing marketplace, to technology, and to competition. If one idea doesn’t work the way they expect, they look for other options.

14 INDEPENDENT Entrepreneurs need the freedom to make their own decisions and their own mistakes. They do not respond well to being managed by others. For this reason, they often leave secure jobs to move out on their own. Being the person in charge gives them control over their own destiny.

15 VISIONARY Entrepreneurs have a vision of how things should be in the future. This is what gives them the strength to continue step by step toward their goals. To bring about the changes they foresee, they must not only understand their vision themselves but must also be able to communicate it to others.

Entrepreneurs seldom work alone. Most gather a team around them, carefully choosing team members who will help them realize their goals. Successful entrepreneurs have insight into the abilities and personalities of others, which enables them to build an effective team.

17 Entrepreneurial Skills
In addition to entrepreneurial characteristics, entrepreneurs require certain skills to ensure success ventures These skills can be learned, but sometimes an entrepreneur must enter into a partnership or hire people with skills to complement their own

18 Skills Inventory Good Communicators Generate Ideas Make Decisions
Solve problems Negotiate Lead Others Identify Opportunities Plan Organize Network Market Their Ideas Keep Records (financial and others)

19 Are you an entrepreneur???


21 ACTIVITY Get into groups of three or four.
Draw a picture detailing the anatomy of an entrepreneur. The picture can be of anything (a person, a tree, etc.), but it should show as many of the characteristics of an entrepreneur as possible. Each group will present their completed picture explaining the characteristics they interpreted.

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