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Agenda Introductions Overview Goals Functions Types Building Tools ROI Use Case.

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2 Agenda Introductions Overview Goals Functions Types Building Tools ROI Use Case

3  Marketing, Business Development Hammond, TradePRO Network  Last Decade: Digital Signage/POS VAR  Today: Global Marketing Manager, BlueStar Dean Reverman

4  Entrepreneur, Channel Pioneer, Inventor Founder 4 technology Companies Chairman Emeritus, CompTIA  Last Decade: Autotask Platform for VARs to Manage their Business  Today: ChannelEyes Mobile Platform for Vendors to communicate with Partners Bob Godgart

5 new technologies new business models evolving competition communication economic forces The Channel Perfect Storm


7 Mobile Stats you need to know  98% o f Business User have a mobile device  Average person checks it 110 times per day  Social media  News  Email  Calendar  Tools  Browser  Business Apps


9 Brand Educate Empower

10 How Would You Use an App in Your Business?

11 App Goals Why does my company want / need an App? What is the Definition of success? How can it help our Business?

12 App Goals Prospect Information Take Action Contact Info Customer App Communication Engagement Education Loyalty Feedback Tools/Resources Measure

13 App Functions Define Your Audience – Prospects vs Customers – In need of tools – In need of information

14 App Security Open Easy Instant Entry No User Level Data Everyone has access Secure Login Limit Access: Private / Secure Registration vs SSO SSO Methods Tools know who you are Measure by User

15 Content Is King! What is Valuable to your Users? Define Content Information vs. Interactivity / Tools Gamification How do you keep it up to date and fresh?

16 How do we build it?

17 Building Tools Considerations for In House Development, Outsource or Platform – Cross Platform Compatibility – Ongoing Maintenance, Support and New Development – Does it run locally or use a hosted back end?

18 Building Tools Leveraging things in device - – Camera, GPS, Bar Code Scanner Integrating into Workflow – Requires Back-end Integration – Mobile App to put and gather data – Forms / Fat Finger Questions / Behavioral Usage

19 Building Tools App Store Submission Process – You’ll Need Screen Shots, Descriptions, “patience” – Apple Allow 2 Weeks Follow the Rules It may take several tries – Google Play Simple 24 Hour Process – Windows Universal Apps – Desktop, Tablet, Phone

20 What about ROI? Measuring and Metrics – What is App success? – Key Metrics – Managing Expectations – Needs to be embedded in the culture not just another project – Requires care & feeding / Analysis of usage

21 Use Case BlueStar App – Communication Portal – Gamification – Drive Social Media – Adoption – Getting Feecback


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