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For Miss Stanley’s Life Science Class Interactive Science Notebooks.

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1 for Miss Stanley’s Life Science Class Interactive Science Notebooks


3 What are Interactive Science Notebooks? The purpose of the Interactive Student Notebook is to enable you to be a creative, independent thinker and writer. Interactive science notebooks (AKA: ISN) will be used for class notes as well as for other activities in which you will be asked to express your own ideas and process the information presented in class.

4  A interactive notebook (INB) your own personalized DIARY of learning about science  A portfolio of your work in ONE convenient spot. This is great for studying for upcoming quizzes & test  A great ORGANIZATIONAL tool that gives you permission to be PLAYFUL AND CREATIVE in your responses without "messing up" your notes.  Allows you to be like a REAL SCIENTIST !


6 Why are we using interactive science notebooks?  Record data  To study for tests  Record progress  Communicate with others classmates and instructors. Notebooks help us learn!

7 Science Notebook Setup

8 Right Side? Left Side? What Goes Where? Right Side Student Output Lots of Color REFLECTION  Concept Maps  Drawings  Reflective Writing Questions  Data from Experiments  Video Notes  Textbook Notes  Summaries  Homework Left Side Teacher Input/Content LEARNING  Warm ups  Information given in class  Lecture Notes  Lab Procedures/Activities  Analysis and Assessments  Summaries  Classroom Specific Information

9 The Left side of the notebook contains information given to you by Miss Stanley. This is the ESSENTIAL information that will DEFINITELY be on a quiz or test. Nothing else should go on this side.

10 Questions Graphic Organizers Drawings/Illustrations Poems, Rap Songs Cartoons/Comics Lab Analysis Teach Your Parent YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU WANT TO BE

11 “A Bit More On The Right” What are you curious about? What would you like to test? What was the main idea? What are the important details to remember? How does this relate to your life? What don’t you understand?

12 ISN Supplies glue sticks/glue scissors colored pencils pens & pencils composition notebook NO MARKERS! Metric ruler HIGHLIGHTER

13 Getting started - Step 1: Cover My Name Teacher’s Name  The name of the course and quarter: 7 th Grade Life Science / 1 st Quarter  The words: Interactive Science Notebook  The class period that you have science: Period 1, for example  The school year: 2015 – 2016  Your teacher: Miss Stanley  Your name: (self explanatory)  TWO OR MORE SCIENCE PICTURES: You can draw, get from magazine or Internet.

14 Step 1: Author Page On the back cover put one or more pictures of you when you get home. Author Page Back of cover Picture of you On the Author Page glue the handout “A Letter to Myself…” and fill in the answers.

15 Step 3: Table of Contents At the top of the next 2 pages, write “Table of Contents” Table of Contents

16 DATEDESCRIPTIONPAGE # Use a ruler to draw the lines straight! Table of Contents

17 Step 4:  Starting with the next page, number the rest of the pages. Numbers should be small and at the top outside corner of the left page. 12

18 No RIPPED OUT pages or torn corners No DOODLING that doesn’t relate to science Notebook should be used for SCIENCE CLASS ONLY DATE AND NUMBER each page on right side All entries must go into the Table of Contents BE COLORFUL & LOVE YOUR NOTEBOOK ISN Rules

19 If you run out of room on a page, continue your writing on a separate sheet of notebook paper or blank white printer paper and glue it to the bottom of the notebook page (to extend the page further). This extension can be folded up and into the notebook so that it doesn't hang out. Students many NEVER just continue onto another page in their notebooks. This will cause them to be "off" from the rest of the class ISN Rules

20 Put the following information: 1.My website: 2.My email: an 3.My Edmodo class group code: hfi5n2 4.Your ConnectED user name & password Last Page

21 We Are READY!

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