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Themes in World History Questions to ask about a civilization.

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1 Themes in World History Questions to ask about a civilization.

2 Honors World History This course will examine a variety of cultures throughout history, paying particular attention to seven important themes; geography, social systems, humanities, belief systems, government, economics, and science. The legacy and influence of each culture will be examined through these themes, with connections being drawn between historical cultures and the world we inhabit today. The same seven themes will be explored next year in United States History, resulting in an integrated grade 9/10 history program.

3 Geography Where in the world was the culture located? What was the land like? The climate? Were there natural boundaries? How did people respond to their environment? How did the land affect their way of life?

4 Social Systems How were families organized? Were there designated gender roles? What were the most important customs, traditions and values? What was the social hierarchy? Was there social mobility? How did social taboos affect daily life?

5 Humanities What were the most important forms of art, music and entertainment. How were the values and symbols of the culture illustrated in various forms of art? What legacy have they left us? What language did they use? What was their alphabet like? What role did education play?

6 Religion & Beliefs How did religion and philosophy affect the culture? What were the most important religious practices? What values were stressed in the culture? What relationship did religion have to government, the economy, the environment, art, etc. How were religious beliefs passed on?

7 Politics & Government What type of government did they have? Who or what ruled? How was power transferred? What rights and freedoms did people have? In what ways was government related to societal structure and religious beliefs? What was the role of the military?

8 Economics What was the economy based on? What were the main products or services? Who controlled the resources? How were goods distributed across society? In what ways were goods exchanged or traded?

9 Science & Technology What were the major technological innovations and how did they affect society? How did technology spread? Which scientific theories were widely held? What can we learn when we examine specific technological areas such as communication, transportation, agriculture, building, machines, etc?

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