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U.S. History 2 Chapter 15 Why did the U.S. ignore Hitler as he rose to power? We had our own problems to worry about.

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2 U.S. History 2 Chapter 15

3 Why did the U.S. ignore Hitler as he rose to power? We had our own problems to worry about

4 What was FDR’s “Good Neighbor Policy”? We would not interfere with other nations

5 Who was Benito Mussolini? Leader of Italy What was his nickname? Il Duce

6 What did he promise? Rebuild the shattered economy Make Italy more powerful again

7 What is a Fascist? Nation and race are more important than the individual

8 What is Totalitarian? Dictator – completely controlling all aspects of life

9 What country did Italy invade and when? Ethiopia October 1935

10 How would the Nazis make Germany strong? Eliminating the differences between rich and poor VS

11 What is an Aryan? Race of people with blond hair and blue eyes Men over 6 feet tall

12 Who did Hitler blame for Germany’s problems? Jews


14 What does Fuhrer mean? Supreme leader When did Hitler become Fuhrer? 1934

15 Who were the Axis Powers? When were they formed? Germany and Italy 1936

16 When did Hitler make Austria part of Germany? March 1938

17 What was the Sudetenland? A German populated area of Czechoslovakia

18 What is appeasement? Giving into someone’s demands

19 Why did England and France appease Germany? To avoid war

20 When did WWII begin? September 1, 1939

21 Over what area of land did the war begin? Poland

22 What does Luftwaffe mean? Air force

23 What does Blitzkrieg mean? Lightning war

24 Why did the Japanese want to expand their borders? Natural resources and they needed more room

25 Why did Japan want Manchuria? Because of their resources

26 When did Japan invade Manchuria? September 1931

27 What was Chiang Kai-shek? Leader of China

28 Why were Americans alarmed by the invasion of China? We wouldn’t be able to trade there

29 What were the Neutrality Acts? Laws to keep U.S. out of war

30 US History 2 Chapter 15 Section 2

31 What was the Maginot Line? System of heavily armed steel and concrete bunkers built after WWI France’s first line of defense against Germany

32 When did France surrender to Germany? June 22, 1940

33 When did Germany start its invasion of Britain? Summer of 1940

34 What was the Blitz? Bombing of Britain

35 What does intervention mean? Interfering with the affairs of other nations

36 What does Isolationism mean? Stay out of other’s affairs – not getting involved

37 What was America First? Isolationism – people who wanted to stay out of the war

38 What did they want? To stay out of Europe’s business

39 What was the Selective Training and Service Act? First peace time draft

40 When was F.D.R. elected to a third terFDRm? 1940

41 What was the Len-Lease Act? The U.S. would give arms to our allies

42 What actions did the U.S. take against Japan? Cut off supplies and ended trade

43 U.S. History 2 Chapter 15 Section 3

44 When did the attack on Pearl Harbor take place? December 7, 1941

45 When did the U.S. declare war on Japan? December 8, 1941

46 What are Nisei? Japanese American units

47 What was D-Day? Invasion of Europe by Allies U.S. Canada Great Britain Australia France

48 Where did it take place? Normandy France

49 What was its code name? Operation Overlord

50 What was the Battle of the Bulge? Final German offensive of the war

51 When did it take place? December 1944

52 What was the Holocaust? Mass murder (extermination) of the Jews in Europe

53 Additional facts: Concentration camps – more efficient killing In concentration camps – 200 calories a day with no fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, or milk Nazi mobile killing unit – murdered Jews behind the lines 34,000 people killed in 2 days Warsaw Ghetto – built walls so Jews couldn’t escape

54 When did FDR die? April 12, 1945

55 Who became President? Harry Truman

56 When did Hitler die? April 30, 1945

57 When did Germany surrender? May 7, 1945 unconditional

58 When did the Battle of Guadalcanal take place? August 7, 1942 First territory that Japan lost

59 How long did it last? 6 months Cool note: Navaho code (language) was used

60 When was the Atomic Bomb dropped? August 6, 1945

61 What was its name? Little Boy

62 What two places were bombed by atomic weapons? Hiroshima Nagasaki

63 Why were they used? To end the war quickly and save American lives

64 Why was WWII so devastating? New weapons used Civilians targeted

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