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The Industrial Revolution

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1 The Industrial Revolution
Unit 6

2 Inventors & Inventions

3 Railroads George Stephenson invented the Steam Locomotive
“The Rocket” in 1829 Increased demand for travel across the United States and created jobs for immigrants!

4 Steamboat Robert Fulton invented the steamboat
Developed the first commercially successful one!

5 Cotton Gin Invented by Eli Whitney
Increased the amount of cotton produced Increased materials put out by factories, such as textiles and other clothing products

6 Reaper Invented by Cyrus McCormick and his slave Jo Anderson
Farmers could now produce more grains in a faster amount of time (higher supply and cheaper cost!)

7 Automobile Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor Company) made automobiles afFORDable for all! Model T was the first car that was mass produced (all were made alike)

8 Airplane The Wright brothers
Built an airplane and were first in flight Jockey’s Ridge, Outer Banks, North Carolina

9 Telegraph Invented by Samuel Morse Allowed ideas to spread faster

10 Telephone Provided faster communication and spread of ideas
Created by Alexander Graham Bell Later established the Bell Telephone Company

11 Interchangeable Parts
revolutionized the manufacturing industry Developed by Eli Whitney

12 Small Pox and Rabies Vaccines
Smallpox—Edward Jenner Rabies—Louis Pasteur

13 Television There have been many engineers and inventors of the television over many decades Earliest in 1926

14 Assembly line Created by Henry Ford
Brought affordable cars to Americans Allowed for even faster production

15 Rockefeller Leader of the oil industry Oil Tycoon

16 JP Morgan American financial leader during the Industrial Revolution

17 Thomas Edison Created the light bulb
Used electricity as a source of power and light

18 Bessemer Created a process that made it easier to turn iron into steel
The Bessemer Process

19 Vanderbilt The American railroad tycoon

20 Carnegie The American steel tycoon!

21 Laissez-Faire Describes the economic policies of America in which the government did not interfere with business during the Industrial Revolution

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