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(First Ten Amendments) 1KD4E0.

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1 (First Ten Amendments) 1KD4E0

2  Written by James Madison  Originally consisted of 12 amendments but only 10 of them were ratified by the states in 1791.  One amendment that didn’t make it was one dealing with the number of representatives and the other had to do with representatives adjusting their pay (27 th Amendment).

3  Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, and Petition

4  The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

5  No quartering soldiers during times of peace.

6  Protection against unreasonable search

7  Protection from Double Jeopardy.

8  The right to a Speedy and Public Trial

9  The Right to a Public Trial in Civil Cases (dealing with money)

10  Protection from Cruel and Unusual Punishment

11  Protects all freedoms not listed in the Bill of Rights

12  Protects the rights of states

13  Look at Amendments 2 and 3 in the Bill of Rights. Why do you think these two amendments were put in the Bill of Rights? Do you think they would still be in there if the Bill of Rights was written today?  How did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. use the rights and freedoms found in the Bill of Rights to help segregation?

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