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Unit 4 What would you do? Self Check Language Goal: 1. learn how to do before some accidents and problems. 2. grasp the following phrase: let... down;

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2 Unit 4 What would you do?

3 Self Check Language Goal: 1. learn how to do before some accidents and problems. 2. grasp the following phrase: let... down; come up with; come out

4 nervousshytiredterriblefriendly 1.I’m really _________. I’ve been studying all day. 2.I don’t like making speeches. I feel _________ talking in front of many people. 3.If you were more _________ to people, you would have more friends. 4.My stomach feels _________. I think I ate something bad at lunch time. 5.Paul is a bit _________at first, but when he knows you, he talks a lot. 1Revising Fill in the blanks with the correct word given.

5 Make your own sentences with these words. nervous shy tired terrible friendly

6 Dear Knowledgeable, My best friend, Mei, has a problem. There is a really important English speech contest for our whole city next month. Our classmates want her to represent the class in the school contest. Everyone is sure she will win. It’s probably true. adj. 知识渊博的 ; 有见识的 represent v. 代表 2 Read and write Read the e-mail from Fran, and write a reply. Subject : Can I help you? From: Fran

7 Mei is very clever, and can speak English really well. In fact, she always comes top in the school exams. The problem is that she’s very shy. She doesn’t want to let her friends down, but she’s terrified of speaking in front of other people. She’s my friend, so she can tell me that she’s shy. But she can’t tell everyone that. let…down 使 …… 失望 e.g. You had better not let your teacher down.

8 I don’t think they would believe her. I can’t think of any good advice to give her, but you always come up with good solutions to people’s problems. What do you think I should tell Mei? What do you think I should tell the rest of the students? come up with 提出 ; 想出(办法等) = find out e.g. My younger brother often comes up with a good idea before my parents.

9 Dear Frank, I know that you have some problems. If I were you, I would… Reply

10 Read and Learn What would you do if... ?

11 What do you know about “accidents” and “problems”? Discuss the following questions and take notes. 1. What kinds of accidents do you know of ? 2. What is the biggest problem a teenager has ? GROUPWORK Before You Read

12 Martin Robinson is a famous doctor who has a lot of experience dealing with teenagers. His new book, What would you do if …? came out last month. It gives advice on what to do in lots of different situations. Here are two pages from the book. come out “ 出版,发行 ” on “ 关于 ” ,相当于 about While You Read What would you do if... ?

13 ACCIDENTS D: You should cover the cut with a clean cloth and press it hard. If it’s a deep cut, you should see a doctor. Q1: What would you do if you cut yourself by accident? by accident “ 偶然 ” ,相当于 by chance Q: question D: doctor cover…with… “ 用 …… 盖住 ……” e.g. He covered the cup with a book. e.g. She cut her finger by accident.

14 Q2:If my grandmother fell downstairs and wasn’t moving, I’d hurry to call the hospital first. Is that correct? D: Yes, speed is very important. Get the medical help first , then make her comfortable and stay with her. hurry to do sth. “ 匆匆忙忙去做某事 ” e.g. Premier Wen Jiabao hurried to Sichuan province when there was an earthquake there.

15 Q3: What would you do if you burned yourself by accident? D: Well, find out how bad it is. Then put the burned area under cold running water. Q4: What would you do if you injured your knee while running ? D: If I felt some pain, I’d stop exercising. And if it hurt for more than a few days, I’d see a doctor.

16 A: Of course you should refuse! If I were you, I’d also talk to your friends about the dangers of smoking. P: A friend offers you cigarettes at a party. offer “ 提供 ” ,相当于 give PROBLEMS P: problem A: advice e.g. My mother offered plenty of food on my birthday.

17 P2: Children often think medicine is candy and eat it. A: You must always hide medicine from children, and you should tell children to ask their parents before they eat “candy” they find. hide…from… “ 把 …… 隐藏在 ….. 找不到的地方 ” e.g. Mother hide the cigarette from my father.

18 A: You should tell your parents about it, agree to meet in a public place, and you shouldn’t go alone. P3: An “internet friend” has asked if you could meet. D: You should drink lots of water and ask your doctor for advice. P4: You get pimples when you are nervous. ask sb. …for advice “ 征求...… 的建议 ” e.g. Most teenagers don’t like to ask their parents for advice.

19 1.Why is cold running water helpful to treat a small burn? 2. Why would it be dangerous to meet an “internet friend” alone? After You Read 3a Discuss these questions with a partner.

20 ACCIDENTSPROBLEMS 3b Rank [1—4] to these accidents and problems in the reading according to how serious they are.

21 3c Practice Find one accident or problem in the reading that you have experienced. Write it here, and then check() the box if you followed the advice given.

22 Go For It Add one more “accident” and one more “problem” to Dr Robinson’s book. Question:Problem: Doctor:Advice:

23 1. 如果我中了彩票,我就会将一半的钱捐给慈善事业 机构。 If I _____ the lottery, I _______ ______ half of the money to charities. 2. 那个年轻人在公共汽车上将自己的座位让给了那个 老人。 The young man ________ his own seat ____ the old man on the bus. wongive would Exercise Put the following into English. offeredto

24 6. 他不想让父母失望,因此努力工作。 He doesn’t want to _____ his parents ______, so he works very hard. 7. 最后,他想出了一个好的答案。 In the end he _____________ a good answer. 8. 如果你不小心切了手怎么办? What would you do if you cut your hand __________. 9. 你的书什么时候出版啊? When will your book ____________. by accident came up with come out downlet

25 按照所给题目写一篇短文,字数 70 字左右。 If I were a teacher now, how would I get along with my students? _____________________________________________________ Homework


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