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What is a Scientist? Lake Travis Middle School Science Grade 6.

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1 What is a Scientist? Lake Travis Middle School Science Grade 6 Bill Nye Neil deGrasse Tyson

2 What is Science? The study of the natural world. A way of knowing. An investigation. Using evidence to support ideas.

3 Name anything: there’s a scientist who studies it. Scientists are the people who do these investigations

4 Fields of Science

5 Biology Botanist- A person who studies plants. They may spend time outdoors. They are experts in identifying plants, They need to be familiar with plant parts, pollination, and the uses of different plants. They may possibly discover new species of plant.

6 Biology Zoologist- A person who studies the behavior, origins, genetics, diseases, and life progression of animals. This person may work indoors or outdoors, in a zoo, park, or animal rescue.

7 Biology Marine Biologist- A person who studies marine plants and animals. May spend a lot of time outdoors, near the ocean, and on boats.

8 Biology Cytologist- A person who studies the cells that make up all living things.

9 Chemistry Chemist- a person who studies the composition structure, properties, and reactions of matter especially of atomic and molecular systems.

10 Geology Geologist- A person who studies rocks and minerals. This person might spend time outdoors or in a lab. They might look for precious stones or valuable natural resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

11 Geology Meteorologist- A person who studies earth’s weather.

12 Geology Seismology- A person who studies earthquakes.

13 Astronomy Astronomer- a person who studies space, celestial objects, and the universe.

14 Astronomy Planetary Scientist- a person who studies the planets. Many planetary scientists are looking for earth-like planets or planets that could possible have life, water, or other valuable resources.

15 Physics Engineer- A person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works. There are many types of engineers, such as chemical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, etc. They build with their hands and use mathematics and many tools to solve problems

16 Physics Mechanics- design, construct, and use machinery or mechanical structures.

17 Biology + Geology Ecologist- A person who studies the interaction between organisms and the environment. These scientists pay attention to the balance of the ecosystem. They spend a lot of time outdoors. Need to be familiar with many different species. May count the number of creatures living in a certain area.

18 Geology + Biology Oceanographer- A person who studies physical and biological aspects of the ocean

19 Geology + Biology Archaeology- the study of pasts human lives and cultures by examining remaining material evidence and artifacts.

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