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Unit Portfolio Presentation Jeanie Ward Hicks Fairy Tales on Trial.

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2 Unit Portfolio Presentation Jeanie Ward Hicks Fairy Tales on Trial

3 Unit Summary The fairy tale trials have begun!! Students will investigate various fairy tales from a variety of perspectives. Then, with the assistance of guest lawyers and judges, they will put their favorite fairy tales on trial to determine the true ending of the story.

4 Curriculum Framing Questions Essential Question Do happy endings exist when considering different viewpoints? Unit Questions What is a fact- REALLY? What would happen if a judge decided how a fairy tale ended? Content Questions What is a fairy tale? What kinds of fairy tales are there? What are the different elements of each type of fairy tale? How does the judicial system work?

5 The Fairy Tale Trials Project This project will help my students develop 21 st century skills by: Demonstrating originality in work through a personal fairy tale interpretation. Being open to and responsive to new perspectives Identifying and asking significant questions that clarify various points of view and lead to better solutions Analyzing and synthesizing information from characters in the stories in order to solve problems and answer questions Using interpersonal and problem-solving skills to influence and guide others toward a goal or decision. Collaborating with peers.

6 Gauging Student Needs Assessment Purpose of the Assessment To gather information about what students already know and what they wonder about the judicial system and fairy tales. What I want to learn from my students? I want to find out what they already know about the Unit and Content Questions and what they know about differing viewpoints. How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking? I ask students to find relationships between viewpoints and how stories are told. They must carry these viewpoints over to a trial situation and determine which character is more correct. How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit? The KWLs will guide all of our unit investigations to ensure that I am gearing activities to ensure high student interest. We will revisit this assessment as we work through this unit to provide students with the opportunity to add their knowledge. What feedback or additional ideas I’d like? I would like additional resources for fairy tales that have different viewpoints. Fractured fairy tales are common, but often focus on the dame elements.

7 My Goals for the Unit Find ways to get my very “boy” class interested in fairy tales. Build community relationships to seek out additional resources. Encourage my students to debate decisions based on facts.

8 Goals for my Students Identify the 4 main types of fairy tales and their elements. To understand how viewpoint changes the way a story is told. To become more independent learners.

9 Request for Feedback Ideas for helping students take responsibility for their own learning. Additional fairy tales with alternative viewpoints.

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