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Compare the functions of roots, stems, and leaves S7-3-1 Roots.

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1 Compare the functions of roots, stems, and leaves S7-3-1 Roots

2 Roots—3 main functions 1. Soak up water from ground 2. Anchor plant to ground 3. Store food

3 Roots—2 main types Fibrous root Branching root system Spreads out underground Ex. Corn, trees, many weeds Tap root One large root Does not spread out but may grow deep Ex. Dandelions, carrots, radish

4 Parts of a Root Root hairs Increase surface area Bring in more water Cortex Stores food Vascular cylinder Central “core” Contains growth tissue, phloem, xylem Root cap Protects root tip as it grows through the soil

5 Specialized Roots Prop Roots—above ground, give support Ex. rainforest tree, corn Pneumatophores— roots extensions reach above water to get oxygen Ex. mangrove

6 More Specialized Roots  Buttress Roots—thick roots (extensions of trunk) that give support Adventitious Roots— roots that can sprout from other tissues; may grow a new plant forma clipping Ex. ivy, philodendron

7 Even More Specialized Roots  Contractile roots— pull a plant into the soil to the correct depth  Ex. onion, tulip bulb  Haustorial root—parasitic roots that dig into another living plant’s roots to steal water and food  Ex. misteltoe

8 Not done! Specialized Roots III And the final & biggest specialized use of plant roots... FOOD STORAGE! All plants store food in their roots, but these plants go overboard!  Water storage—store water underground  Ex. Cucurbita foetidissima—may store 158 lbs of water!

9 Specialized Roots—Food storage Turnip Sweet potato Cassava Rutabaga Radish Beet Carrot

10 Answer each question below on a separate sheet of paper. 1. What are the 3 functions of a root? 2. What are the 2 main types of roots? 3. What tissue would you find inside the vascular cylinder? 4. Why does a plant have root hairs? 5. What may happen if a root doesn’t have a root cap? 6. Where is food stored in the root? 7. Name 3 examples of specialized roots.

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