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Correct Use of Pronouns

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1 Correct Use of Pronouns
Chapter 7 – Warriner’s Nominative and Objective Case “Minor” Problems

2 Nominative Case Pronouns
Step 1 – Knowing the case Nominative Case Pronouns Singular Plural 1st person- I we 2nd person You You 3rd person he, she, it they + Who! Use these when the pronoun is the Subject or Predicate Nominative in the sentence or clause.

3 Objective Case Pronouns
Singular Plural 1st Person me us 2nd Person you you 3rd Person him, her, it them + whom! Use these when the pronoun is some kind of object (Direct, Indirect, or Object of Preposition)

4 First Pronoun Practice
Ex 1 pg Ex 3 pg Ex 5 pg. 111 (Exercises 2 and 4 have been saved so you can enjoy them at one of your grammar parties) Homework: Exercise 6 pg. 111 to 112 – Follow directions except for those students who have neglected to bring their books today. You can add to your homework pleasure by writing out each sentence correctly and then writing a., b., c., or d. after it. You’re welcome!

5 Sentence Writers

6 “Minor” Problems in Pronoun Usage
Don’t use “myself,” “themselves,” “yourself” (etc.) as subjects in sentences. For example, “Susan and myself went to the movies.” – Incorrect – Use “I” Appositives are in the same case that they are in apposition to. “Three immature sophomores, him, him, and her, behaved embarrassingly in my absence.” – incorrect - Use the possessive case of a noun or pronoun before a gerund or gerund phrase. (Not so “minor” a problem!) “Given their status as potential school leaders, I was surprised by the students’ behavior.” (behavior = noun) “Since I had earlier warned students about their behavior in my absence, I was surprised by them giving so much grief to an innocent and friendly substitute.” gerund

7 Class Work and Homework
In class – Do Review Exercise A, pg. 120 and 121 Homework – Due Wednesday, Review Exercise B, pg. 121 – 122 Guess who gets to write out each sentence as part of his or her homework? (Even the correct ones)

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