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Genetic Engineering. What Is This? Do you hear what I hear?

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1 Genetic Engineering

2 What Is This?

3 Do you hear what I hear?

4 Selective Breeding Allowing only those animals with desired characteristics to produce the next generation Humans use selective breeding to pass desired traits on to the next generation of organisms Inbreeding- develop pure lines Hybrid- usually bigger and stronger

5 Examples of Selective Breeding

6 Genetic Engineering Transgenic organisms contain recombinant DNA (foreign DNA) 3 Step Process –1. Isolate - cleave via restriction enzymes –2. Attach – “sticky ends” –3. Transfer – vector, usually bacterial DNA

7 Tobacco with “Firefly DNA”

8 Gel Electrophoresis

9 DNA Sequencing

10 ..\..\..\

11 Applications of DNA Technology or Biotechnology Cloning Recombinant DNA in technology, medicine, and agriculture Transgenic organisms Gene therapy –Sheep alpha-1 antitrypsin for treatment of emphysema –Goats CFTR protein for treatment of Cystic Fibrosis

12 Transgenic Animals Transgenic livestock have been produced with extra copies of growth hormone genes Such animals grow faster and produce meat that is less fatty than that from ordinary animals Efforts are now underway to produce transgenic chickens that will be resistant to the bacterial infections that sometimes cause food poisoning

13 Transgenic Plants (2000) 52 % of the soybeans and 25 % of the corn grown in the United States were transgenic Many contain genes that produce a natural insecticide, so the crops do not have to be sprayed with synthetic pesticides Others have genes that enable them to resist weed-killing chemicals

14 Cloned Animals

15 Gene Therapy

16 ..\Biologix_Manipulating DNA.asx

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