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Introducing Intute: Social Sciences Your Guide to the Best of the Web.

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1 Introducing Intute: Social Sciences Your Guide to the Best of the Web

2 Solving the Frustrations of the Internet Internet can be a powerful tool for education and research, offering a huge range of resources and services However issues of trust, quality and poor search skills are very real and significant concerns – particularly in education and research contexts Intute: Social Sciences is a FREE, national Internet service to provide you with access to the best web resources for education and research

3 Network of Specialists Arts and Humanities Health & Life Sciences Science, Technology, Engineering & Geography Social Sciences Virtual Training Suite Executive

4 Network of Specialists Intute Network is made up of: Consortium of seven universities Over 70 partner institutions providing subject expertise and advice By the community for the community

5 Intute: Social Sciences Partners Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies (Hospitality) British Library of Political and Economic Science (Politics and Government) British Society for Sports History (Sports, Leisure and Tourism) Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing (Anthropology) The Psychology Network, University of York (Psychology) Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (Law) National Womens Library (Womens Studies) Rotherham College (Hospitality, Sports and Leisure Practice, Tourism) Sheffield Hallam University (Hospitality) SWAP HE Academy Centre, University of Southampton (Social Welfare) University of Bradford Library (Social Welfare) University of Bristol Library (Law) University of Edinburgh Data Library (Statistics) University of Exeter Library (Research Tools and Methods) University of Manchester Library (Anthropology) University of Newcastle Library (Business) University of Surrey, Department of Sociology (Sociology)


7 Finding the Best of the Web Search the catalogue Over 30,000 records, each one selected and described by a subject specialist Simple keyword or phrase searching Restrict search only to research methods or across whole of social sciences Refine search by field name or type of resource Use controlled vocabularies to look for alternative terms


9 Finding the Best of the Web Harvester to broaden your searches Searches over 300,000 social science related pages Automatically generated from the web addresses in the main Internet Catalogue Updated monthly

10 Finding the Best of the Web Browse the catalogue by subject 1500 subject headings in 19 top level subject sections Link from each subject to research tools and methods section Ordered by title or date added to the catalogue


12 We Also Recommend Additional services Find conferences and events Contacts for UK University Departments Timelines of notable events in the social sciences News aggregation service Current awareness service (Editors Blog)

13 Personalise My Intute Create your own account Save searches and records Tag records with your own keywords Weekly email alerts Export data into your systems and sites


15 Supporting Internet Training Virtual Training Suite FREE online Internet training tutorials for over 65 subject areas –Internet for Social Research Methods –Internet for Statistics Internet search and research skills Teach yourself Quizzes and interactive exercises

16 Supporting Internet Training Seminars An overview of the Web for research and education An insight into leading Internet services for the subject area Hands-on sessions with plenty of help at hand Worksheets and ideas to take away and use for teaching Internet research skills or for developing your own skills

17 Supporting Internet Training FREE support materials –Leaflet –Quick Guide –Presentation –Best of the Web booklets Welcome to adapt and reuse in your own institution

18 Content for the Community Embedding in Your Institution Intute: Social Sciences content and services are available for use in your own institution or website Advice on how to use our content available from:

19 Intute: Social Sciences We welcome feedback from the subject community, please feel free to contact us:

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