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Welsh Health Survey Health Surveys User Meeting, July 5 th, London.

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1 Welsh Health Survey Health Surveys User Meeting, July 5 th, London

2 Background to the survey Provides information on the health of people living in Wales, the way they use health services and the things that can affect their health. Established in 2003. Runs all year round. Carried out by NatCen on behalf of the Welsh Government.

3 Main survey aims To inform and monitor health targets, indicators and policies. Provides information for NHS resource allocation in Wales. Provides estimates at national (Wales) level, for population sub-groups (such as age, sex, socio- demographic groups) and for local authorities and local health boards.

4 Data Collection (1) Aim for an achieved sample over each year of: 15,000 adults 3,000 children A minimum of 600 adults per local authority. Sample selected from the Postcode Address File (PAF). Those not covered by the PAF, including people in institutions, are not covered by the survey.

5 Data Collection (2) Mode of data collection: Short face-to-face household interview (up to 3 households). Adult self-completion questionnaire (all adults in household). Child self-completion questionnaire (up to 2 children in household). Child height and weight measurements. Interviewers collect questionnaires.

6 Survey topics Illnesses Health status Smoking Alcohol Fruit and vegetable consumption Physical Activity BMI Use of GP services Use of hospital services Medicines Carers Health of children Demographic / socio- economic info (age, sex, geographic area, NS-SEC) Trends since 2003

7 Selected illnesses and conditions, adults, 2010

8 Percentage of adults who reported being treated for any illness, by age and sex, 2010

9 Adults currently being treated for selected illnesses, 2003/04-2010

10 Health-related lifestyle, 2010 23% of adults smoked. 44% of adults drank above the recommended guidelines, including 27% who reported binge drinking. 35% of adults ate five or more portions of fruit and vegetables. 30% of adults met the physical activity guidelines. 57% of adults were overweight or obese, including 22% of adults who were obese.

11 Percentage of adults who reported being a current smoker, by area deprivation, 2010

12 Percentage of adults who reported being a current smoker, 2003/04-2010

13 Percentage of adults who were overweight or obese, 2003/04-2010

14 Outputs Initial Headline Results Annual Report Local Authority Report Ad-hoc analysis, e.g. Mental Health and Wellbeing Bulletin USOA Bulletin Physical Activity Paper Datasets available through UK data archive

15 Anonymised version of the main dataset deposited with the UKDA. Simplified introductory dataset also available. UK Data Archive

16 Dissemination review on the Welsh Health Survey was carried out in 2010. This was followed by a dissemination plan. Examples of changes made: WHS Introductory Dataset on the UKDA Welsh Health Survey User Guide Changes to WHS publications WHS distribution list Dissemination Review

17 Further Information – WHS theme page

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