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CCSR Lightning Seminars 7 th February 2006 What were doing, want to do, or have done

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1 CCSR Lightning Seminars 7 th February 2006 What were doing, want to do, or have done

2 Ludi Simpson Guardian Front Page and late night on Key 103: Getting a message to the press

3 Would you believe this man?

4 More racial mixing message, November 2005 Radio national and international: BBC Asian Radio Network Five Live BBC Radio Wales BBC Black 1-Extra RT1 Dublin Pat Kelly phone in Radio Shropshire Jim Hawkins phone-in Radio regional Star FM Slough Imagine FM Stockport BBC Leeds BBC West Midlands BBC GMR Greater Manchester Signal Radio Stoke Key103 James H Reeve phone- in Pulse Radio West Yorkshire GWR FM Bristol Radio Oldham Radio Coventry Radio Leicester African- Caribbean magazine and News BBC London Geoff Schumann phone-in Newspapers regional Leicester Mercury Bradford Telegraph and Argus Yorkshire Post South London Press, Robert Dex Halifax Evening Courier London Evening Standard Aldershot News and Mail Shields Gazette Manchester Metro News Ilford Recorder Other media Radio 4 program on Lozells Regeneration and Renewal Magazine BURISA urban and regional information systems magazine GeoTV Aamir Ghauri Panel and Phone-in Community Newswire Socialist Review Yahoo News Kuwait News agency Karamundi Online (web) Outlook India (web) Press Trust of India South Asian Meida Network Newspapers national and international: Guardian, Vikram Dodds Daily Mail, Steve Dougherty Socialist Worker, Kevin Ovenden Daily Telegraph Press Association Financial Times, James Wilson New Nation Die Welt, Germany New York Times International Herald Tribune Daily Times, Lahore Pakistan Il Sole, Italy Express India Dawn, Pakistan

5 Was it worth it?

6 London Evening Standard Leicester Mercury

7 Preparing for the press is like a job interview Dont do it unless you have a clear message that you want to publicise Short press release –½ page with one message –Further information on request –University media relations office (Jon Keighren) –Language that cannot be mistaken


9 Vanessa Higgins ESDS Government: Update on Resources

10 Duncan Smith Managing the safe release of tabular data to multiple, non-collaborating users

11 Release of marginal cross-tabulations from some base cross-tabulation over many variables Recovery of small (particularly zero) counts in the base table represents a disclosure risk Restricting total release to a user so that low counts cannot be recovered

12 Assumption: Users (which might be individuals / organisations) will not collaborate (share data) Without this assumption all released data would have to be considered released to the world; the data released to one user could limit the data available to other users

13 Risk assessment is easy for total releases that form decomposable graphical models Any subset of a safe release is also safe (in terms of bounds-based risk criteria) Identify partial releases that will restrict further releases to a user Allow the user to query the system and maximise their utility function (rather than some utility function assumed for the world)

14 Paul Norman UK demographic change

15 Townsend deprivation 1991 & 2001 Micro-geography of UK demographic change 1991-01 ESRC: Understanding Population Trends & Processes Revisit & extend: harmonisation, EwC census adjustments Similarly deprived? Ageing in situ? Natural change cf net migration? Gaining or losing population?

16 Longitudinal inter-relationships: ONS LS 1971-2001 Social mobility Deprivation mobility Geographical mobility 1. Health outcomes for individuals 2. Aggregate effects of individual (im-)mobility

17 Abdelouahid Tajar The innovation behaviour of firms

18 Selected examples of Innovation Product innovation Goods o Fibre optic based display lighting range o Multi-function printer/Scanner Services o IT based Credit Risk assessment services o Geographical Information System software. Examples which are not technological innovation: New models of complex products, such as cars or television sets, are not product innovation.

19 Data and Methods Survey dataset, which contains information about levels and characteristics of the innovation activity of UK enterprises during the three year period 1998-2000 We have a sample of 4145 firms, they are manufacturing and services firms. First approach: Cumulative logit models( Ordinal logistic regression) Dependent variables: Link with Consultants, Co-operations with Private Research Organizations …

20 Data and Methods (continued) Some Independent variables: Absorptive capacity: which will enable the firm to learn from these sources (graduates employees (Scientists and engineers)) Size of firms Group membership Markets: Firms competing in international markets arguably face greater competition and therefore have a greater need for specialist knowledge. o other independent variables …..

21 Jo Wathan Where were at with the SARs

22 Three types of SARs Microdata available under a standard end user license –CRS one-stop sign up, disseminated by CCSR –Individual licensed file –Small area microdata file SAM (this week?) Microdata distributed under a special license –Paper sign up, disseminated by UKDA, supported by CCSR –Household special license file Microdata held in a secure setting at ONS –Application to ONS, results released after being checked for disclosure risk –Individual Controlled Access Microdata (CAM) –Household CAM

23 Different purposes For teaching –End user license files only For research –Any, but start with the licensed files – youll only be able to use the CAMs if youve exhausted other possibilities For LA Geography –The Small Area Microdata –The CAMS offer more detail, in particular LA geography on files other than the SAM Sharing with overseas users –The only file we can currently send abroad is the Individual Licensed file

24 What were up to now Finishing touches to –The SAM –The CAMS Sorting out outstanding missing / problematic variables –Fndepch –Missing genind Outreach focussing on: –SAM –Household data Derived variables and documentation CCSR has won funding to continue supporting the SARs for the next 5 years

25 Wendy Olsen The World Values Survey in India

26 The World Values Survey Globally: 80 societies, 4 waves or rounds. India: 1995 only (so far), 2002 respondents 1 = strongly agree 2 = agree 3 = disagree 4 = strongly disagree

27 …being a housewife is fulfilling…

28 Jerry Johnson Citizenship

29 Aims and Methods To measure: –Political knowledge, interest and socialisation To assess: –Young adults experience of citizenship education Questionnaire –21 questions –Includes two open questions on citizenship –Administered to around 60 sixth-formers, and 70 undergraduates (N=130) –Small sample so results merely indicative –Informs future research Focus Groups –5 groups of sixth-formers –Not chosen for political interest, but intend to go on to HE Initial results from the questionnaire

30 BS.E.Sig. AGE-0.1050.1300.420 CITIZUSE0.9350.4310.030 CLASS0.867 CLASS(Working)0.8091.6950.633 CLASS(Middle)0.3191.1240.777 EDUYEARS0.8500.2800.002 ETHNIC0.0560.1450.696 POLENGIN-1.3020.5750.024 POLENGLO0.3100.6980.657 POLENGNA0.5680.8200.489 POLINTER0.3920.4120.341 POLKNOW0.3260.5080.521 POLSOCFA2.5061.0250.014 POLSOCFR-1.0670.9720.272 RELIGIOU-0.1180.2190.590 SEX-2.5211.3550.063 Constant-11.0175.1600.033 Will vote at next General Election N=130; -2LL 37.634; R 2 CS 0.425; R 2 N 0.681

31 Open question responses Improving political engagement –Better understanding –Being heard –Reduce the voting age –Make politics more interesting –Make politics relevant to me –Younger politicians –Ethnic minority representation –Simpler language –Advertising Improving citizenship education –Information –Active participation –Discuss issues relevant to me (not fox-hunting and euthanasia) –Make it interesting and understandable –Make it available

32 David Voas The holy and the unholy: Neighbourhood variability in religion

33 English wards (2001) No religion (%), men 25-49 (base excludes minority religious groups)

34 Mark Brown Sex and Susceptibility in Sub-Saharan Africa

35 Unmet Need for Family Planning NO YES NO YES NO YES Want a child now ? Using family planning? Are you fecund and in a sexual union?

36 Unmet Need for Family Planning NO YES NO YES NO YES Want a child now ? Using family planning? Are you fecund and in a sexual union? UNMET NEED

37 Unmet Need for Family Planning NO YES NO YES NO YES Want a child now ? Using family planning? Are you fecund and in a sexual union? UNMET NEED Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana = 34% Rwanda = 39%

38 Measuring natural susceptibility: a question of degree? SUSCEPTIBLENOT SUSCEPTIBLE Unmet need algorithm assumes absolute states

39 Measuring natural susceptibility: a question of degree? VERY SUSCEPTIBLE NOT SUSCEPTIBLE But susceptibility is variable…. – frequency of sex - assumed constant – but isnt But surely susceptibility is variable…. – frequency of sex – assumed constant – but it isnt

40 When last had sex By country

41 % who had sex in last month By unmet need status

42 Thats all folks! Slides are online at

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