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Searching Information Resources for Projects October 2010 Debra Avent-Gibson.

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1 Searching Information Resources for Projects October 2010 Debra Avent-Gibson

2 By the end of this presentation you should be able to: Understand structure of the literature and resources available for your topic Understand the importance of constructing a search strategy Be able to identify key resources

3 Where should you look? Created by

4 Research Process 1.Starting out 2.Search strategy 3.Review & evaluate 4.Locating your references 5.Writing up

5 Starting out: Thinking about your topic Reference books and textbooks Provide structure of subject area Locate concepts and keywords Mind maps and brainstorming Simplemind – ipod/iphone app

6 Mind map

7 Search strategy planning Select appropriate subject database Use keywords for your search terms Use refine and limit options Boolean operators – AND, OR, NOT Truncation - *$? Parenthesis – ( ) Thesaurus

8 Review & evaluate results Read the abstract – is it relevant? Mark useful references and either save or email them Keep a list of your references and details of the search strategy

9 Locating your references Library Catalogue for print Full text via the butt button Material not held in the Library

10 Demo

11 Writing up Plagiarism Citing and referencing – acknowledging your sources Endnote Web

12 Library lunchtime sessions Endnote Web - web-based referencing service Collects, stores, imports, exports and shares references Creates reading lists, bibliographies and references Searches academic databases and catalogues to find resources

13 Want to know more? Look out for the orange posters in libraries, departments and halls of residence Sessions this term running across the campus during October and November No booking required – just turn up Check the website Further sessions will run in Spring Term

14 Subject Team Faculty Librarian - Debra Avent-Gibson Subject Librarians Meg Humphries (Aerospace and Civil) James Webley (Computer Science, Eng Mathematics, Electrical & Electronic, and Mechanical Engineering) Extension number 87942

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