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Online postgraduate admissions Science Board 13 May 2010 Clare Streatfield.

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1 Online postgraduate admissions Science Board 13 May 2010 Clare Streatfield

2 Postgraduate admissions now… Paper forms Some online applications (one third of programmes) Paper based processing (data entry, paper tracking, offer letters etc) Local databases

3 Whats changing? Moving to on new online admissions system: All programmes will be available for online application Entirely new online application system – Apply Yourself (Hobsons) Applications processed electronically Offers made online Applicant can accept (or decline) offer online

4 Why are we doing it? Current systems not flexible enough to meet Bristols requirements Only one of our competitors not to offer online applications for postgraduate programmes Improved applicant experience: meeting customer expectations More efficient system for staff Better management information

5 Benefits of the system: Fewer paper applications = reduced data entry Easier to view applications and application status Reduced reliance on paper and posting Tracking of application progress Easier to manage communications with groups of applicants Improved management information and reporting

6 Benefits for applicants… Applicants will be able to: Submit an application Upload documents Request a reference (and track the status) Check the status of their application Receive a decision Accept (or decline) an offer

7 Benefits for staff Staff will be able to: View applications, supporting documents and references online Process applications online: e.g. track documents, review applications, assign supervisors Use system to send automatic emails, scheduled emails or ad-hoc emails Communicate decisions and receive acceptances Run reports on admissions data

8 When will we start using it? Apply Yourself product first, then EMT Connect (CRM) Go Live for all Faculties from September 2010 Training available from August 2010 Ongoing training and support provided to staff through implementation

9 Further information If you have any questions about the new system, how it will impact on you or your Department, when it will be available, how it will be used then please contact: Kate Ward, Project Manager or Clare Streatfield, PG Recruitment and Admissions Manager

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