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Environmental Safety Body Motions: Lifting, Pushing, and Turning Biohazardous Materials.

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1 Environmental Safety Body Motions: Lifting, Pushing, and Turning Biohazardous Materials

2 Body Mechanics Definition: the way in which the body moves and maintains balance while making the most efficient use of all its parts. Purpose: to prevent strain and help maintain muscle strength.

3 Main Reasons for Good Body Mechanics Muscles work best when used correctly. Correct use of the muscles makes lifting, pulling, and pushing easier. Correct application prevents unnecessary fatigue and strain, and saves energy. Correct application prevents injury to self and others.

4 Basic Rules Maintain a broad base of support (standing with feet 8-10 inches apart) to provide better balance. Bend from the hips and knees to get close to an object. *Do NOT bend at the waist.

5 Basic Rules Use the strongest muscles to get the task done. – Shoulders – Upper arms – Hips – Thighs

6 Basic Rules Use your body weight to push or pull whenever possible. Carry heavy objects close to the body. Avoid twisting your body; Turn with your feet and entire body when you change direction. Avoid bending for long periods.

7 Basic Rules If a patient or object is too heavy for you to lift alone, always get help. – Mechanical lifts – Transfer (gait) belts – Wheelchairs

8 Body Mechanics Promotes personal safety in the workplace. Includes the correct placement and use of furniture and equipment. Encourages workers to avoid repetitive motions.

9 Ergonomics Definition: An applied science used to promote the safety and well-being of a person by adapting to the environment and using techniques to prevent injury.

10 Personal Safety Protect yourself and others from injury. Use correct body mechanics. – Feet 8-10 inches apart – Bend from knees, not hips – Turn entire body, not from waist – Wear back support when lifting Wear the required uniform. Walk – DO NOT run!

11 Get help if a patient or object is too heavy!

12 Personal Safety Immediately report personal injury to your supervisor. Report unsafe situations to your supervisor. Keep areas clean and neat with everything in the proper place. Wash hands frequently.

13 Signs and Symbols Bio-hazard symbol: Indicates a potential source of infection.

14 Signs and Symbols Standard precaution symbols for: – Wash hands – Wear gloves – Wear mask – Wear eye protection – Wear gown

15 OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration Division of Department of Labor Monitors 2 safety standards affecting healthcare workers: 1.Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals Standard 2.Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

16 Bloodborne Pathogen Standard Safety standards that protect healthcare workers from diseases caused by exposure to body fluids 2 Most common diseases contracted from body fluids are: 1.Hepatitis B 2.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

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