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Aim: Why is the Constitution called “a bundle of compromises?”

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1 Aim: Why is the Constitution called “a bundle of compromises?”
Do Now: Define: compromise. Give an example of when you compromised.

2 The Constitutional Convention

3 The Constituional Convention
The Convention was originally called in Philadelphia in 1787. Originally wanted to give more power to the National government under the Articles. However, they decide to abandon the Articles completely and write a new Constitution.

4 Constitutional Compromises
Delegates agreed on a need for a stronger central government that could: Create a national army Tax Regulate commerce Chief executive, Nat’l Court and legislature.

5 A “Bundle of Compromises”
However, there were important disagreements the delegates settled through compromises. For this reason the Constitution is called a “Bundle of Compromises”

6 Compromise over Representation
Virginia Plan- Bicameral legislature based on population. New Jersey Plan- Unicameral legislature equal for each state. Solution- Connecticut Plan

7 Unit 1: The Constitution
Page 22

8 Compromise over Representation
Problem: Large states want representation based on population. Small states want equal representation. Solution: “The Great Compromise” Congress has two houses: House of Representatives based on population. Senate- two reps from each state. Bicameral legislature- 2 houses.

9 Compromise over Counting of slaves
Problem: North wants slaves to count for taxes, not for reps. South wants slaves to count for reps, not for taxes. Solution: Slaves will count as 3/5th of a person when determining representation and taxes.

10 Compromise over Commerce
Problem: North wants the Federal government to regulate trade. South thought the Federal government would end the slave trade. Solution: Federal government regulates trade, but could not end the slave trade until 1808.

11 Compromise over the Exective Branch
Problem: How many people should be in the executive branch? How should this person be chosen? Solution: President and Vice President selected by the electoral college.

12 Summary Some historians refer to the slavery issue as the constitutional conventions “unfinished business.” How do you think the issue of slavery would continue to divide north and south in the years after the convention?

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