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Subsuface Flow Modeling

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1 Subsuface Flow Modeling
Martin Blunt and Branko Bijeljic Stefan Iglauer Ran Qi Saleh Al-Mansoori, Saif Alsayari

2 Overview Single pore model Network model (pore to core scale)
Lab-scale experiments Preliminary Study of Maureen Field for EOR/CO2 Storage Developing streamline-based simulator to study CO2 Storage Working on Design of CO2 Storage to Trap CO2

3 Pore Scale: Single Pore Model
Lagrangian based model Diffusion – advection - reaction Cubic network Overlap Update

4 Pore to Core Scale: Network Model
MEAN FLOW DIRECTION X Use Network Libraries to describe pore space Multiphase flow, dispersion and reaction

5 Pore to Core Scale: Column Experiments

6 Field Scale: Maureen Field for EOR/CO2 Storage
Maureen field – Preliminary study using Eclipse Abandoned sandstone reservoir 413 million barrels (1.5x108 m3) oil Simulate injection of CO2 after waterflooding Oil Saturation

7 Maureen – Long Term Fate
How to contain CO2: A) Dissolution CO2 dissolves in water timescales 1000-year B) Reaction carbonate precipitation timescales 103 – 109 years C) Trapping CO2 as pore scale droplets timescales decades surrounded by water

8 Maureen - Conclusions CO2 and water injection increased oil recovery by 5-10% This represents up to 1billion pound revenue from increased oil production while storing over 55 million tonnes of CO2 This is equivalent of all the CO2 produced from all activities from the population of London in a year In the future, these strategies could be applied to other North Sea fields

9 Field Scale: Developing streamline-based simulator to study CO2 Storage
SPE10 test – STREAMLINE WAG injection producer injector 82.5% CO2 can be trapped as an immobile phase WAG injection for better sweep efficiency

10 Collaborations Are there any reservoir descriptions
that you would like to share for flow studies?

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