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Helen Shore Learning Support (Hawkshead) 01707 666029.

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1 Helen Shore Learning Support (Hawkshead) 01707 666029

2 Exam techniques Short answer paper MCQ Revision strategies

3 The Facts Paper One: Tuesday 15 th December, 9.30am 27 short answer questions You answer all questions in all sections Paper 2: Tuesday 15 th December, 2pm MCQ exam 54 questions

4 The Short Answer Paper What do you know about it? Have a look at one before the day of the exam BLACKBOARD SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS (RVC_STUDENT_WELCOME) > PAST PAPERS > BVETMED > YEAR 4 > NEW PAST PAPERS BLACKBOARD SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS (RVC_STUDENT_WELCOME)PAST PAPERSBVETMEDYEAR 4 Hard Copies are available in the library – ask the librarians

5 Read the instructions! Candidates should answer ALL questions in ALL sections. All questions are allocated equal marks and therefore time should be distributed accordingly. Each question is on a separate sheet of paper. Please answer each question in the space underneath the question. Please ensure you write your candidate number in the space provided ON EVERY SHEET.

6 Time management Work out how you are going to manage your time 27 questions in 2.5 hours is roughly 5 mins per question (if you have extra time it is roughly 7 mins per question). Although there will be some variation between questions if you are approaching 10 mins on a question leave it and move on!

7 Answer the questions! Read each question carefully Do use highlighters or underlining to clarify what the question is asking you. Make sure the answers relate to the questions Make sure the answers relate to the way the questions are phrased

8 If you have time Look back over the answers Check your answers relate to the questions Try to put something down for any questions you have left blank Expand on questions you left part answered Add things which may have come to mind as you completed other questions

9 Example question Production of saliva is important to the health of an adult cow. Summarise in note form why this statement is true and what encourages a cow to produce sufficient saliva. Statement Summarise in note form – do not write a paragraph or short essay, write notes Stick to this – no need for information about other things related to this

10 Example question With the aid of a simple diagram, explain how the structure of the respiratory tract protects the delicate pulmonary alveoli from inhaled pathogenic agents. Use a diagram to help explain Key words With this kind of question it would be acceptable to produce a well annotated diagram or a diagram with some short notes beside/below

11 MCQs You are very experienced and if you have a technique that works, stick with it. 4 General Rules for an MCQ paper 1. Answer every question 2. While reading the question, cover the answers 3. Read each question carefully 4. Dont change your answers

12 Revision – a few tips for the last couple of weeks. Ways to use past papers How long to study What should you cover Remember revision involves attempting questions, writing out definitions, proofs, drawing diagrams etc. and not just reading your notes over and over again.

13 In the exams Try to relax! Dont spend too much time on any one question Try to put something down for each one Only change answers if you are sure you were wrong initially If you get a mental block, shut your eyes for a moment take a few deep breaths then get back to the paper.

14 Good Luck! If you need support during the revision period or want to go through something on a one to one basis get in touch 01707 666029

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