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Career Planning and Work Experience

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1 Career Planning and Work Experience
Diana Omololu Careers Adviser

2 Learning outcomes BTEOTWYWBAT: review current career plan/options
understand processes for action plan consider relevant work experience options identify potential sources of vacancies How the Careers Service Can Help

3 Starting point – Veterinary S or M
Work - UK / Abroad Postgraduate study Self employment Time out / Travel Voluntary Work What ever your plans – you need to ensure that you have the right experience Experience – Skills competences, knowledge, Position yourself Why is this important – Employers say so Lets start by looking at LMI

4 Working with Veterinary (S or M) Degree
Employment prospects FAIR! – Competitive Changes - technology, role, world economics and politics. Medical or pharmaceutical laboratories scientific analysis / technical support roles Public Sector (Hospitals/Health Protection Agency/National Blood Services etc..) Government Departments (Forensic Sci. Ser) Universities and specialist research institutes funded by charities

5 Destination Stats Veterinary Science / Medicine?
Full-Time Paid Work - 86% % 81% Work & Study - 5% % Further Study - 3% % 8% Assumed unemployed - 2% % 6% Not available - 2% % 5% Other % %

6 Where…… zoos animal hospitals animal welfare societies
Health Protection Agency (Conservation) National Blood Service Medical Research Council NHS Trust Government Departments (DEFRA) Labs Other specialist (utilities) Many graduates are also employed by universities, schools and colleges, and specialist

7 What…. Research Assistant Surgeon Vet Assistant Lab Technician
Animal Technician Animal Care Assistant Zoo Assistant Graduate Researcher Surgeon Lab Technician Psychologist Nutritionist Nurse Research officer Inspector Customer Marketing Executive, Business Media Sales Teacher

8 Other science options Biomedical Scientist Clinical Biochemists
Clinical Cytogeneticist Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Forensic Scientist Life Science Research Scientist Medical Sales Representatives Others

9 Growing Trend Growing opportunities in specialist supporting organisations offering clinical and scientific services: toxicological analysis analytical and testing laboratories clinical trials statistical and consultancy services

10 Private Sector Healthcare Industry Pharmaceutical companies
Development & Manufacture animal care product healthcare products prescription medicines (ethical drugs) over the counter (OTC) medicines biotechnology diagnostic products

11 Shortages Bioinformatics
Demand for chemists, in particular for HPLC analysts and organic synthesis chemists, in industry. NHS Bioengineers. Maths and science Teachers (£4,000 'golden hello‘ and £6,000 training bursary,)

12 Skills sought by employers
General intelligence, academic achievement and potential e.g capacity for original thought. Practicality e.g ability to get things done, nature of deadlines, conscientiousness, attention to detail. Judgment and decision making. Analytical skills e.g logical reasoning ability, handling complex data. Communication skills - oral and written, ability to be cogent, persuasive and investigative, use of English

13 Skills sought by employers
Commerciality - understanding of the business world, commercial aims and objectives Loyalty - give as good as you get. Resilience e.g persistence Team work i.e playing your part Organisational skills fun!

14 Skills sought by employers (% finding short supply of each skill, source AGR, Association of Graduate Recruiters) business awareness (67%) communication skills )(64%) leadership (33%) ability to work in a team (33%) problem- solving (32%) conceptual ability (21%) knowledge and competence in discipline (19%) foreign languages (19%) numeracy (19%) good general education (15%) computer literacy (6%)

15 Assessing your current situation
What have you got to offer?

16 SWOT Analyses Take 5 mins to jot down for yourselves your SWOT
What to do with information

17 Career management skills
1. Self assessment skills, interests values & motivation work style/personality 2. Opportunities 4. Action exploring and Job hunting creating and applications interviews 3. Matching choosing opportunities setting goals Once learned, these are skills for life

18 Skills of Veterinary practitioners
Animal handling Communication skills Capacity for self direction Analytical skills Dealing with information Ability to accept supervision Supervisory / teaching skills Team work skills Cross-cultural skills Perseverance Subject-specific skills e.g.. languages, computing Business awareness

19 Value of work experience
“All work experience is of value and, if those going into it are sufficiently well advised, much can be gained from even apparently mundane jobs”. (ASSOCIATION OF GRADUATE RECRUITERS)

20 Why Money Experience (including voluntary) Insight into careers, employers and industries May be directly relevant to future jobs Could make useful contacts References for future applications Show and develop transferable skills (competencies) required by all future employers. team work, flexibility, organising, confidence, social, liaising, communicating, pressure, customer contact, responsibilities etc.

21 Types of work experience
Formal work placements/internships Subject-related research schemes Advertised positions Non-advertised positions Voluntary positions

22 Where to find work experience?
Farms Stables Kennels Vacation opportunities booklets Work window/employment file National/Local Press Agencies Speculative applications

23 Occupational Information Sector information job description and activities salary and conditions entry requirements training career development typical employers/vacancy sources related jobs case study contacts and resources

24 Specialist Veterinary Record - Vetweb - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Defence Animal Centre – Royal Army Veterinary Corps The Blue Cross

25 Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) -
Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons - Veterinary Laboratories Agency - Veterinary Field Service (VFS) - Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) -

26 Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) www. foodstandards. gov
Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) Online Directory of postgraduate courses in the UK  UK Government information service

27 Others National Centre for work experience
VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) International scene - National Centre for work experience Civil Service Jobs Window

28 Careers Service Generating career ideas
Prospects Planner, help-sheets, information on what other Vet.. graduates have done, talk to a careers adviser Researching occupations and employers - files, reference books, take-away information, employer talks and events Investigating postgraduate study and funding Directories, prospectuses and funding guides

29 Careers Service Finding work (full & part-time and vacation)
Vacancy files, newspapers and graduate careers directories (Alert; Jobonline; JobShop) Helping with CVs, covering letters and application forms (Personal statements) take-away information, lunchtime workshops and quick queries Preparing for interviews and psychometric tests take-away information, lunchtime workshops and practice interviews, reference books, sample papers and practice tests GradClub - continue to use services after graduation Give out Geography departmental handouts when mention helpsheets for generating careers ideas. Talk to a careers adviser: 10/15 minute quick query Mondays to Thursdays 11am-12pm and 2-4pm. Sign-up list goes out half an hour before time slot begins. Longer careers discussions available on referral from quick query.

30 The specialist Institutions Careers Centre
Address: 4th Floor, ULU Building, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY Quick Queries Monday – Thursday 2:00pm - 4:30pm Appointments Monday – Thursday 10:00 - 5:00 (Friday 1:30pm - 5:00pm) Information Resources and IT Facilities Monday – Friday 9:30 – 5:00 Thank alumni again. Thank students for coming and for all their questions. Hope it has inspired them.

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