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Students first impressions of a new curriculum with increased self-directed learning Vicki H.M. Dale, Stan D. Head & Stephen A. May AMEE.

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1 Students first impressions of a new curriculum with increased self-directed learning Vicki H.M. Dale, Stan D. Head & Stephen A. May AMEE 2008

2 BVetMed pre -2007 Traditional Flexnerian curriculum Little clinical relevance in early years Limited vertical or horizontal integration Overgrown curriculum, emphasis on rote memorisation leading to surface learning Didactic, lecture-intensive Teacher as expert

3 BVetMed 2007-8 Emphasis on self-directed learning Considerable reduction in lectures Directed Learning classes, personal study, tutorials, MCQs Increased subject integration Clinical relevance from day one Professional skills (essential graduate attributes) Outcome-based Teacher as facilitator (and expert)

4 Questionnaire (7 factors) 1 - Directed learning 2 - Private study 3 - Practical classes 4 - Tutors and tutorials 5 - Learning objectives and assessment 6- Timetabling 7 - Self-assessment (MCQs & TurningPoint)

5 1 – Directed learning Good but need better feedback and better direction from staff. Good most of the time, but some seem pointless if we don't get feedback as we can't know what's right or wrong otherwise T1T2T3 KW ANOVA DLs help me to attain my learning objectives 322p<0.001*** Participation in DLs positively influences my approach to study 432p<0.001*** medians

6 2 – Private study It would be good to know exactly what to do. I know in Uni you are supposed to take charge of your own learning but it is hard as it is such a sudden jump from A level where they tell you everything you need to do. T1T2T3 KW ANOVA I am able to manage my personal study time effectively 344p=0.104 NS By the end of the week I have done enough personal study to meet the weeks learning objectives 332.5p=0.002** medians

7 3 – Practical classes Dissection practicals and lab practicals are well placed in the lecture week and help put what we have learnt into context. T1T2T3 KW ANOVA I am satisfied with the practicals444p=0.608 There are adequate staff numbers to help me 444p=0.414 medians

8 4 – Tutorials and tutors Tutor doesn't seem to know what their role is and tutorial topics seem unrelated. I don't understand what they are for and how to get the best out of them. T1T2T3 KW ANOVA Tutorial sessions are a waste of time333p=0.740 Tutors provide appropriate feedback on submitted written work 322p<0.001 medians

9 5 – Learning objectives and assessment Not sure where we stand. There is NOT enough direction … I wish the learning objectives were more clearly defined so I could be sure to concentrate on them during private study. Have not been told style of our assessments at Xmas e.g. MCQ, essay? T1T2T3 KW ANOVA Learning objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of each week 322p=0.012* Assessment methods are clearly described in the course handbook 3--- medians

10 6 – Timetabling Originally a little disorganised but better now. T1T2T3 KW ANOVA I know when all my classes are scheduled to take place 4 4 42 4 44 4 5 p<0.001 I know where all my classes are scheduled to take place 3 4 4 4 4 4.75 p<0.001 1 st quartiles medians 3 rd quartiles

11 7 – Self-assessment (MCQs & TP) LOVE MCQ'S - help learning, revising etc. [TP] Not used very often but is useful to test knowledge at start/end of lecture. Would be beneficial to use it more. Encourages you to think about the topic and question lecture content. T1T2T3 KW ANOVA The timetabled weekly MCQ sessions aid my learning 4440.146 The lecturers use TurningPoint in a meaningful way 3--- medians

12 Professional skills Teamwork, communication skills, personal development planning, note-taking, learning styles … Waste of time / Patronising Pointless in years 1+2, we are here initially to become well acclimated with principles of medicine, anatomy, physiology. Some pointless but I understand that it all ties in. Very useful and breaks the week nicely. It is good to prepare for the whole job.

13 They also said … DL's a brilliant way of linking in clinical cases. The course enables you to understand how the molecular biology interacts with the whole system and how the different systems interact with each other. Lectures, practicals, dissections and DLs work together to consolidate learning. I enjoy the hands-on aspects and am looking forward to EMS placements.

14 Summary of students first impressions Lack of feedback/direction in tutorials & DLs Difficulty managing personal study Lack of guidance re: assessments Some timetabling issues (largely resolved) Professional skills largely perceived as not relevant Ratings not generally improved throughout the year Survey provided some very positive feedback on course, but certain issues were perceived:

15 Recommendations Need to structure (scaffold) students learning rather than expecting them to be automatically independent: Scaffolds are forms of support provided by the teacher (or another student) to help students bridge the gap between their current abilities and the intended goal … Scaffolding gradually decreases as the learning process unfolds and students become proficient. (Rosenshine and Meister 1992) Maximum transparency to students Professional skills in context Support for staff re: facilitating and providing feedback

16 Contact Vicki Dale The LIVE Centre The Royal Veterinary College Expert panel members in Delphi study (questionnaire) Prof. John T.E. Richardson (Open University) & Dr. Sean McAleer (Centre for Medical Education, Dundee) advised on factor analysis of questionnaire data Teachers delivering new curriculum Students who participated in evaluations Acknowledgements

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