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© Crown Copyright (2000) Module 2.5 Operational Environment.

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1 © Crown Copyright (2000) Module 2.5 Operational Environment

2 You Are Here M2.1 Requirements M2.2 Development Representations M2.3 Functional Testing M2.4 Development Environment M2.5 Operational Environment M2.6 Vulnerability Analysis M2.7 Penetration Testing M2.8 Assurance Maintenance/Composition MODULE 2 - ASSURANCE

3 Introduction Analysis of how the TOE should be operated in practice –Operational Guidance –Delivery –Installation, Generation and Start-up Operational Environment Visit

4 Operational Guidance User documentation –how do I change my password ? –how do I shutdown ? Administration documentation –adding a user –changing minimum password lengths

5 Delivery Customer receives the TOE –has it been tampered with? –is it the right one? –how is this checked?

6 Installation, Generation and Start-up Install and generate the TOE –is it configured securely ? Start the TOE –has it started up securely ?

7 ITSEC Requirements

8 CC requirements

9 Evaluation Reporting Examination of documentation –show how & where requirements satisfied Site visit ? –staff interviewed –evidence inspected

10 Summary Operational Guidance Delivery Installation, Generation and Start-up

11 Further Reading ITSEC Evaluation UKSP 05 Part III, Chapters 9 - 10 CC Evaluation CC Part 3, Sections 2.6.2, 2.6.4, 9 and 11 CEM Part 2, Chapters 5-8 (ADO and AGD sections)

12 Exercise 1 - Guidance Function 1: The TOE shall uniquely identify and authenticate users. Function 2: The TOE shall allow a subject with an access right the ability to extend that access right to another subject. Function 3: The TOE shall not echo passwords to the screen. Function 4: The TOE shall provide tools to examine the accounting logs for the purpose of audit.

13 Exercise 1 - Guidance (Continued) Function 5: The TOE shall clear a screen of data when the user logs out and when the workstation is locked due to a period of inactivity. Function 6: The TOE shall permit a configurable number of consecutive log-on attempts. Function 7: The TOE shall ensure that passwords are changed at least every 6 months. Function 8: The TOE can completely deny users or groups of users access to an object.

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