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MSFD Programme of Measures Consultation Event Anna Donald Head of Marine Planning & Strategy.

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1 MSFD Programme of Measures Consultation Event Anna Donald Head of Marine Planning & Strategy

2 Key Messages  MSFD update - progress so far  Approach to programmes of measures  Arrangements for today

3 How does MSFD work? Six year cycle 2nd cycle starts in 2018 Cooperation with other Member States Public participation Scale Sustainable use

4 GES Descriptors from MSFD What does MSFD include?

5 Co-ordination with other countries Member States sharing a marine region must cooperate to ensure a coherent and co- ordinated approach to implementation Greater North Sea Celtic Seas

6 Where are we in the process?

7 Our approach

8 Existing measures  Marine planning and marine licensing  Environmental Impact Assessment/Strategic Environmental Assessment/Habitats Regulations Assessment  Common Fisheries Policy  Water Framework Directive  OSPAR - Decisions, Recommendations and “other agreements”  Marine Protected Areas  Habitats and Birds Directives

9 Planned measures  Further measures under the CFP e.g. multi-annual plans, landing obligations  Cetacean, seals and birds bycatch  Further marine protected areas & management  EU Invasive Alien Regulations  River Basin Management Plans  Regional Marine Plans

10 Exceptions Article 14 provides for two broad categories of exceptions: Article 14(1): instances where the environmental targets or GES cannot be achieved through measures taken by the MS or cannot be achieved in the time schedule concerned.  (a) action or inaction for which MS is not responsible;  (b) natural causes;  (c) force majeure;  (d) reasons of overriding public interest;  (e) natural conditions do not allow timely improvement Article 14 (4):  (a) significant risk  (b) disproportionate cost

11 Current position  pelagic habitats, commercially exploited fish, eutrophication, hydrographical conditions, contaminants, and contaminants in seafood measures are expected to ensure GES is maintained or achieved  benthic habitats, marine mammals, birds and fish, measures will contribute to the maintenance or achievement of GES and it would be premature to introduce new measures until we better understand the causes of declines and impact of measures  non-native invasive species, marine litter and underwater noise, existing measures will contribute towards the achievement of GES but more data is needed to develop effective targets and indicators before we can say whether additional measures are required

12 Consultation document the current status of the Descriptor the agreed targets and indicators our proposed approach for that Descriptor a more detailed description of the proposed measures the degree of co-ordination with other countries the contribution of the proposed measures towards the achievement of GES and the related environmental targets by 2020 details of whether any exceptions apply gaps and issues relating to each Descriptor

13 Consultation questions Are these sufficient, bearing in mind the knowledge base? Any additional existing or planned measures? Any new measures needed? Any measures not justified? Is use of exceptions appropriate? Any other pressures not addressed?

14 Today’s workshop Breakout sessions: –Descriptors 1, 4 and 6 –Descriptors 5, 8 and 9 Celtic Seas Partnership Lunch Breakout sessions –Descriptors 2 and 3 –Descriptors 7, 10 and 11 Feedback

15 Questions Any questions?

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