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Das Fruehstueck German meals 1.

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1 Das Fruehstueck German meals 1

2 Fruehstueck breakfast

3 Das Brot bread

4 Die Butter

5 Die Marmelade jam

6 Das Ei egg

7 Das Muesli

8 Die Milch milk

9 Der Joghurt yoghurt

10 Der Kaese cheese

11 Die Wurst sausage

12 The German breakfast People in Germany have a so called “Continental breakfast”. You won’t find a fry up anywhere in Germany. You might get a boiled egg mostly on Sundays. People eat either cereals or Broetchen (bread rolls) with either sweet things like Honig, Marmelade or nutella (chocolate spread) or savoury things like Kaese or Wurst.

13 Now its your turn: Tasks:
Use the worksheet to draw what your breakfast is like on the left and on the right draw a typical German breakfast. Label the food items using your German picture dictionaries. Tell your carpet partner what you like to eat for breakfast using the word cards.

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