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Retaining Authority The Consultant Effect Tim Wagner Vice

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1 Retaining Authority The Consultant Effect Tim Wagner Vice President @prranch

2 Raise your hands into the air and flail them about as if there were no repercussions.

3 Big brands don’t have anything you don’t have … except more money. But, you have access to the same social media platforms, the same Internet, similar tools, and the same advertising opportunities. And, you can emulate their strategies on a smaller scale. @prranch


5 How Should I Think About Marketing? Marketing is about growth & domination Increasing your market share If I spend $100 and get $200, can I spend $200 and get $400? At some point you will spend $1,000 and get $2,500 @prranch

6 What Should I Spend? 8-10% of total revenue (depending upon competition) HA! You didn’t expect a real answer did you? Funny how 10% works – tithe, savings, etc. Could be as high as 25% for a startup @prranch

7 What’s the right “marketing mix”? Marketing = selling Marketing properties are under your control: Website Social mediums (sort of) Email lists Advertising is paying for attention Not preaching to the choir, new customers Public relations is getting “free” attention Press outreach Guest blogging Social mediums (sort of) @prranch

8 Traditional Advertising Audience and opportunities are diminishing Price is still comparatively high for TV and print @prranch



11 Online Advertising Text ads in search - PPC Display advertising on other sites Targeted Cost is low per impression Conversion (click) rate is low Watch your cost per conversion @prranch



14 Display Costs $300 might buy you 100,000 impressions From which you can expect about 100 clicks If you convert 10 of those clicks into customers you’ve acquired those customers at $30 each What’s the average revenue value of a customer to you? @prranch

15 Owned Properties Websites & blogs Email lists Social profiles Control the message Social marketing mix @prranch

16 Why do people follow brands?

17 Owned Properties Social marketing mix Promotional Messages Establishing Authority & Expertise Curating Third-Party Valuable Content Interacting With Fans & Followers SMM is for – top of funnel, branding, some conversion @prranch


19 Public Relations News – angles, local Networking – real life! Social networking Offsite SEO – link outreach Guest posting Broken link building Ask @prranch

20 Try Everything Experiment Learn from failure Double down on success @prranch

21 I love it when you call me “Big Data”

22 Increase Marketing in Lean Times Do you believe in your product? You don’t shrink to grow Advertising brings revenue @prranch

23 Marketing is Forever There is no “set it and forget it” There are no reliable shortcuts You don’t do any kind of marketing once – SEO included Your goal is to increase your marketing spend constantly Efficiency, not cheapness @prranch

24 If You Ever Hire an Agency Ask only one question: “I have this much budget - $XX. What is the most you can do with that money?” @prranch

25 @prranch

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