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The Last days of Jesus.

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1 The Last days of Jesus

2 Jesus enters Jerusalem
Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to show he was one of the people not a king on a horse but a simple man on a donkey. He sent his disciples to find the donkey for him and they found it exactly where he had said it would be.

3 Palm Sunday As Jesus rode past the people in the crowd, they waved palm branches at him and laid them at his feet. This day became known as “Palm Sunday”

4 Den of Thieves Jesus entered the Temple and found people falsely selling goods. He overturned the tables and shouted, “This is the house of God and you have turned it into a Den of Thieves”

5 The Last Supper

6 Jesus’ Words Jesus sat with his disciples in an Upper Room and celebrated His last meal with them. He declared that the bread was “His body” and the wine was “His blood”. He also told the others that one of them would deny Him 3 times and one of them would betray Him with a kiss.

7 Garden of Gethsemane Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane.
He asked his father, “Why are you doing this to me?” Judas then kissed Jesus and he was arrested by the Roman guards.

8 On Trial Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate who said he washed his hands of the matter and let the people decide who should die. The crowd voted to let Barabbus – a thief – go free and condemned Jesus to death.

9 Jesus was made to carry his own cross to Calvary
Jesus was made to carry his own cross to Calvary. He walked along the Via Dolorosa having to stop many times. Some people offered to help him but Roman Soldiers stopped them. They wanted to see Jesus suffer because he had claimed to be King of the Jews.

10 On the Cross Jesus was nailed to a cross through his wrists and his feet. He wore a crown of thorns on his head which made him bleed. People gathered all around. He was crucified with two thieves.

11 The End is Near A Roman Guard stabbed Jesus in his side and when he asked for water, he was given a sponge dipped in vinegar. This made him more thirsty and was a cruel thing to do.

12 Good Friday All at once the sky turned black and everyone knew that Jesus was dead. One Roman soldier turned to his friend and said, “That was the Son of God”. He now believed. Jesus was taken down from the cross and taken to the tomb of a rich man who believed in Jesus as the Son of God.

13 To the Tomb Jesus was wrapped in a shroud and scented with sweet oils such as sandalwood. His body was then placed in a tomb. This tomb was blocked by a large boulder that had been rolled in front of the entrance.

14 Resurrection On the Sunday after Jesus’ death Mary Magdalene went down to the tomb but the stone had been moved and the body was not there. Mary knelt down and wept. She heard a voice behind her asking what was wrong…

15 Jesus is Alive …it was Jesus!
He had been brought back to life and told Mary to go and tell the disciples. Mary was shocked but did as Jesus asked. She set off to find them.

16 Ascension Jesus spoke to the disciples and then ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of God, His father.

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