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{ Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) Family Night BOB GRAHAM EDUCATION CENTER.

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1 { Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) Family Night BOB GRAHAM EDUCATION CENTER.

2 The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) developed by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) demand students…  maintain an increased sense of accountability toward their own learning  develop a concept beyond an opinion and move to “support and evidence”  think in a more conceptual, analytical and global manner  utilize higher-order, critical thinking skills  shift from mere memorization of terms to a deep understanding of meaning  transfer skills to new experiences  operate in a more student-centered environment with built in peer collaboration Transition from FCAT to FSA Assessments Changes in Student Expectations

3  FSA is an authentic assessment that includes more than just multiple choice questions.  Students will be expected to respond to multiple choice questions, create graphs, write and respond in different ways than on other traditional tests.  Will prepare Florida students for success in college, career, and in life by emphasizing analytical thinking.  Measures student mastery of the standards taught.  Meets high quality standards for assessment, including reliability and validity for a variety of accountability purposes.  Emphasizes critical thinking. FSA

4 SESSIONS AND TIMES FSA Mathematics Grade/SubjectAdministration TimeNumber of Sessions** Computer- Based in 2015 3-4160 minutes2No 5160 minutes2Yes 6-8180 minutes3Yes 9-11180 minutes3Yes ** All sessions are administered over two days

5  “The success a student has achieved with the Florida Standards will be assessed by FSA Mathematics assessments and is described by Achievement Levels that range from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).  Level 3 indicates satisfactory performance.  The level of performance required to score in each Achievement Level will be established prior to the spring 2016 administration.” FSA Achievement Levels

6  Students who score at Levels 1 or 2 on the Mathematics tests are required (by state law) to have intensive remedial assistance classes during the following school year  –This intensive remediation must be different from previously received instruction  –Students in this category are progress-monitored to ensure their success How are FSA Results Used?

7  The FSA Portal contains all published information regarding FSA assessments, and released Training Tests  FSA Portal:  To access Training Tests:  1.Click on Students and Parents  2.Click Training Tests  Click on Training Test Guide for instructions on how to use the training tests  3.Click on Take the Training Test  4.Click Sign In  5.Select Student Grade and Click Yes  6.Click on test you wish to take FSA Portal

8  Math Question Types:  –Multiple Choice: Select one answer  –Multi-Select: More than one answer should be chosen  –Two Part: two questions pertaining to the same topic  –Open Response: type or click on numbers and symbols create an answer  –Hot Spot: creating items on graphs (computer-based)  –Graphics: interacting with the text (computer-based)  –Drag and Drop: drag numbers, symbols, etc., and place in appropriate area to create an answer Test Item Types

9 Test Item Types Multi-Select with 2 Parts Drag and Drop Test Item Types Multi-Select with 2 Parts Drag and Drop

10 Graphics (computer-based)Graphics (computer-based)

11 Hot Spot (Computer based)

12 Open Response Question

13 Multiple-Choice with 2 Correct Responses

14 Test Preparation Test Preparation  –Help your child to realize that it is important to do their best every day, as well as on the FSA  –Review class and homework with your child  –Help your child practice the skills they are learning in real-life situations so that the skills have meaning beyond the tests and the classroom  –Help your child get a good night’s sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast  –Overemphasizing the tests can increase your child’s anxiety  Work with your child to help them learn how to handle anxiety Helping Your Child

15 Helpful Resources  Contact your child’s teacher and school administrator  Florida Department of Education Web Site:      FCAT School Accountability Reports:  Florida State Standards:  FSA Portal:  Use this website to read about updates, and have your child complete the training tests in both Reading and Math. How can I help my child at home?

16 Thank You!!

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