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This is a story about two children that have an unfortunate adventure in the woods. Objectives: To be able to describe the woods during the day and at.

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2 This is a story about two children that have an unfortunate adventure in the woods. Objectives: To be able to describe the woods during the day and at night. To identify and use adjectives in your work. To use the term verb correctly. To begin organising stories in paragraphs.

3 Molly and Toby were cousins. They had been busy making a tree house in their favourite spot in the woods. Trawly Woods were quiet and still. Nobody knows what secrets it may hold. The tall trees let glimmers of sunlight flash onto the childrens faces. They both ran, shouting loudly and disturbing the peace of the shadowy woods around them. Chapter One

4 Molly and Toby were not afraid of the forest. They did not sense any dangers there. It was their special place, away from all the houses roads and noise. There was nowhere else they would rather be. Molly had bought a jam jar with her to put the woodland flowers in. She collected blue forget- me-nots as they went. She called to Toby, asking him to wait for her while she picked some more…but, Toby was not there.

5 Toby had raced on ahead, leaving Molly alone. Suddenly, the woods did not feel so safe. Molly began to feel afraid. The stillness of the trees around her and the silence made her feel very small and lonely. In the silence, a sharp rustling noise caught her attention. She stopped. Her heart was thumping as she quickly jumped back, startled and shaking. Whatever could it be?

6 Meanwhile Toby was hiding in a tall tree. The Oak tree was quiet. He could hear the rustling of leaves as he moved. He couldnt see Molly. Toby was ten. He had a muddy face for camouflage. He was chubby, funny and had dark hair. His eyes were green, the same as Mollys. The cousins were very good friends. They liked to build things, like the den. Chapter Two

7 Toby felt afraid of woodland monsters, robbers and of being told off when he got home. He couldnt stay there forever. He would have to do something. He decided to shout to Molly. Molly, where are you? There was no answer. Only the echo of his own voice. He tried again. Molly, where are you? There was still no reply. He climbed carefully down towards the ground. As he put his foot onto a branch, it snapped! It was rotten.

8 Ah Toby yelled. He landed with a thump on a tree stump. The world was spinning away from him and the pain seeped through his mind like melting chocolate. He saw a million stars and then, he blacked out. The woods were getting darker and darker. Shadow crept along the soggy ground. It began to drizzle and the wind began to whistle through the tree tops. Toby lay as still as still can be!

9 Chapter Three During the day a walk in the woods can be wonderful. There are brightly coloured flowers, pathways and butterflies. It is a place of laughter and happiness. The woods can be a place of mystery and adventure. At night, when it is dark, windy and cold, the woods change into a eerie place of danger and fear. Not the sort of place for children to play. The cousins were both afraid to be alone, both upset and desperate to get home. They needed help.

10 Mr. Hadlow walked his red setter Jake, every evening at eight. Jake was a lively dog who enjoyed a game of chase and fetch. Alright lad, off you go. Fetch! shouted Mr. Hadlow. He followed Jake and turned his collar up against the evening mist. The dog disappeared into the ferns. Mr. Hadlow stood waiting.

11 Suddenly the sound of running footsteps could be heard coming towards him on the path. Around the corner came a small girl, her wild, black hair flying in the wind. Mr. Hadlow could see she had been crying. Hey, slow down little lady! said Mr. Hadlow. The girl backed away with a look of mistrust in her emerald green eyes.

12 Chapter Four Whats the matter are you lost? asked Mr. Hadlow kindly. The girl did not reply. She thought he was a stranger and that he might want to hurt her. He tried to get her attention and she shivered with fright. Mr. Hadlow had a brown hat and a scruffy coat. He was an old man who lived alone in the meadows by the stream. He was a kind hearted fellow who only wanted to help.

13 What is your name? asked Mr. Hadlow softly. My name is M..M..Molly she replied. What has happened? Shall I take you home? The little girl was still scared of the man. She wondered who he was and what he was doing alone in the woods at night. He whistled to Jake and the dog jumped out of the ferns with the stick. Good boy Jake, youve found it! Said Mr. Hadlow

14 My name is Ben Hadlow, I walk my dog at eight each night, I wont hurt you. Jake is a good boy, dont be afraid. he explained. I must find my cousin Toby, I cannot leave without him. We have a tree house but I dont know where it is. Its too dark and Im tired and lost.

15 Meanwhile Tobys Mum was getting worried. She was anxious because the children were late. She decided to call the police. She grabbed a large torch and ran out of the house, determined to look for the cousins and bring them home safely. Within minutes she arrives, breathless, to Trawly Woods, where she knew the children had be exploring earlier that day. TOBY! MOLLY! Where are you? she shouts into the trees. Chapter Five

16 An old, familiar voice returns her call. She couldnt see anyone. Ben is that you? Where are you? replied Tobys Mum. A figure came through the mist, holding the hand of a little girl. She shone the torch onto the figure and saw it was indeed Ben Hadlow and her lost niece. Wheres Toby? Molly cried, her voice trembling with worry and concern. Toby was still missing and still in terrible danger.

17 Mr. Hadlow left Tobys Mum to comfort Molly and he turned back towards the darkness of the forest. He took Jake deep into the thick undergrowth. The damp fog enveloped the man as he disappeared from view. Mr. Hadlow had had an idea. Jake could sniff out the pathway and find Tobys scent. Hopefully Toby could soon be found. It was so late by now that the silvery moon had risen and was glowing eerily against the swirling mist.

18 Sirens could be heard in the distance and flashing blue lights appeared on the horizon. Help was on its way. Jake began to bark madly at a huge Oak tree. Good job Jake. What have you found? said Mr. Hadlow. Toby could be seen lying on the tree stump, as still as still as can be. Mr. Hadlow called the police over to the scene. Report on boy in woods. Ambulance required immediately. Trawly Woods: 21.00.

19 The ambulance soon arrived. They brought a stretcher. Toby was suffering from the cold and was in a bad condition. At least he was alive and safe again. Toby remained in hospital for several days. The cousins decided that their adventure could easily have ended in tragedy. They decided never to spend time in the woods alone again. The next time they visited the tree house they stayed close together and were very careful when climbing the trees!

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