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Moving ahead with confidence New Advisors Workshop.

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1 Moving ahead with confidence New Advisors Workshop

2 NOTE: The final authority in the local Key Club rests with the High School Principal. The Key Club name, materials, and emblem may only be used by officially chartered clubs in good standing. Structure of Key Club

3 AdvisorsStudent MembershipKiwanis International Administrator and staffKey Club International President, Vice President, and 11 Trustees elected at International Convention 260,000 Members; 5,000 Clubs Kiwanis International Board District Administrator appointed by Kiwanis Governor, and 7 Assistant Administrators appointed by Kiwanis Governor LAMISSTENN District of Key Club Governor, Secretary-Treasurer Lieutenant Governors elected at District Convention; Webmaster appointed One of 33 Districts LAMISSTENN Kiwanis Governor and Board Assistant Administrator appointed by Kiwanis Governor with the help of the District Administrator Key Club Zone Group of divisions arranged for administrative purposes 7 Zones Key Club Division Group of clubs led by Lieutenant Governor elected at a Spring Rally 23 Divisions LAMISSTENN Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor and Divisional SLP Chair Faculty Advisor appointed by High School Principal Local Key Club Members elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, and Directors. Clubs Kiwanis Club’s Key Club or SLP Chair and Kiwanis Advisor appointed by Kiwanis Club President

4 Resources to help: Advisors’ Manual: d_Advisor_Resources/Handbook_KeyClub_Faculty_Advisor_Re source_Guide.sflb.ashx d_Advisor_Resources/Handbook_KeyClub_Faculty_Advisor_Re source_Guide.sflb.ashx Club Chartering Toolkit: ID=375 ID=375 Key Club Int’l website: http://www.keyclub.org Leading Club Meetings: spx spx Petition for Charter: spx spx

5 School, District, and International Dues

6 How much should club dues be? LAMISSTENN District dues are $13.00 and International dues are $6.50. Club leaders can access the membership center online, register members, and pay both the district and international dues at the same time. Club dues need to be enough to cover these, plus enough to help provide operating money for a club. Some clubs include the cost of their club t-shirt in the local dues; others add in rally fees and travel expenses. Dues should not be a barrier for a student to join Key Club. Interested students should be given the chance to pay their dues over time, find a sponsor, or receive some sort of assistance in paying the full amount, if the need arises.

7 Reasons to Pay dues Makes you an official member of Key Club International Provides service project grants through the Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF) Makes possible the promotion of Key Club throughout the district and the world Provides funds for scholarships Qualifies your club and its officers and members for many awards Qualifies club and members to attend district and international conferences

8 A Helpful Resource: Membership center =kiwanis

9 Connecting to local clubs Divisional Rally

10 What is a Divisional Rally? This is an event organized and hosted by the Lt. Governors. A Divisional Rally is an opportunity for Key Club members and their sponsors to connect to other clubs. Rallies are usually held at a central location that has enough space to accommodate several schools. Each division’s Lt. Governor works to inform club members, faculty advisors, and Kiwanis advisors about the upcoming event, the cost, and any type of supplies needed for a possible service project.

11 Why should you attend??????

12 Get psyched about being in Key Club! Find clubs who are interested in partnering in projects. Participate in a service project. Share experiences with other Key Clubbers. Have fun…Eat food! Get new ideas for service and fundraising projects. Tell other clubs about your cool projects and activities. Get a better understanding of how you are connected to a larger international organization. Learn new ways to be a leader, run your club better, or carry out your duties. Learn about icebreakers and other group games that build teamwork. Give input to the District on how to help you or make improvements.

13 Meet new people and build camaraderie and friendships within the division Learn what is happening in your community, division, zone, district, and International. Find out more about specific Key Club topics like DCON, ICON, YOF, dues, awards, division or district-wide service projects, Kiwanis family events etc. Makes your school and your club look good. Qualifies you for club and officer awards.

14 Helpful Resources: Division map Lt. governor contact

15 School and Kiwanis Partnership Agreement

16 School Responsibilities 1. Provide a Faculty Advisor 2. Ensure the Key Club conducts service-related projects 3. Confirm the Key Club pays Dist & Int’l dues 4. Encourage the Key Club to send reps to Dist & Int’l conferences 5. Encourage parents of members to be included in active participation with Key Club Activities

17 Kiwanis Responsibilities 1. Appoint and orient a Kiwanis Advisor Should be able to attend most meetings Works closely with officers and Faculty Advisor If Faculty Advisor is a Kiwanian, then a second Kiwanian should be appointed as Kiwanis Advisor 2. Ensure additional Kiwanis members attend as many meetings and other functions as possible Rotate attendance – Spread the wealth Make it an interclub or encourage attendance at club projects 3. Maintain expense line item in Kiwanis Budget From Service Account KC should participate in Kiwanis projects and receive portion of proceeds Include support for training events (1/3 rule) 4. Meet with principal before beginning of school year Hold one month before school with advance appointment Review purpose of Key Club, membership requirements Hear school regulations

18 5. Ensure all members pay dues Monitor until dues are sent in Deadline is November 30; remember delay in school issued checks No excuse for late dues submission for active clubs 6. Ensure officers receive proper training following election Make sure elections are held in February Make sure officers attend training 7. Hold a planning session involving the leadership of both clubs Minimum attending – Key Club board, Faculty Advisors, Kiwanis Advisor Hold in June before Kiwanis and KC Int’l conventions Discuss joint activities and expectations

19 8. Host or participate in [at least] two joint activities involving the memberships of both clubs Can be social, service, recreation, fundraising Opportunity to interact with each other This is where SLP members learn Kiwanis is where they want to be! 9. Invite members to attend every Kiwanis meeting Paid for from service account Should alternate attendees May need principal’s permission, background checks Attendees should report on activities 10. Ensure members attend conventions and conferences District Conference: KC--April Int’l Convention: KC-June/July Divisional Rally and New Officer Training Assist with costs Have attendees give report to Kiwanis Club

20 Helpful Resources Key Club Guidelines ey_Club_Guidebook_2013-14.sflb.ashx Parent Brochure or_Resources/Brochure_KeyClub_SLP_Parent_Brochure.sf lb.ashx Monthly reports html

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